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Days of our Lives Recap: Lucas Defies His Mom, Agrees To Be Harris’s Inside Man

Harris Michaels better watch out for Kate if anything happens to her son. In the Days of our Lives recap Harris enlisted Lucas for his plan to take down the drug dealer […]

Harris Michaels better watch out for Kate if anything happens to her son.

In the Days of our Lives recap Harris enlisted Lucas for his plan to take down the drug dealer responsible for Salem’s current crisis.

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Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Kate expressed her dissatisfaction with Lucas turning informant, EJ and Nicole compared notes about Holly’s troubled actions.

Eric apologized to a comatose Holly, Theresa and Brady bonded over their shared parental guilt.

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And Chad and Alex bonded over playing Monkey in the Middle with Thomas.

Comparing Notes and Confessions

EJ admitted he didn’t appreciate seeing Nicole in Eric’s arms at Holly’s bedside the day before.

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Taken aback, Nicole pointed out he shouldn’t be jealous at a time like this.

Eventually, the two compared notes about Holly’s drunken Christmas Eve. They both knew but hadn’t communicated that with each other.

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Soon after, EJ confessed that Rafe called and told him that after questioning Holly’s friends, it turned out they were all experimenting with pot.

Nicole was shocked to learn about this, noting how concerning it was to learn her daughter was doing drugs and drinking. It made her question everything.

She even questioned that maybe Tate was telling the truth.

That maybe Holly wasn’t as honest and innocent as she thought she was. Alone, EJ wondered the same thing.

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Meanwhile, an emotional Eric was at Holly’s bedside. He told her how important she was to him and that he was truly sorry.

He apologized for leaving her and Nicole to go to Africa. There was nothing more important than her, and he’s realizing that now.

Parental Guilt and Dark Chocolate Distractions

Brady gifted Theresa with some much-needed dark chocolate to help her relax.

Across the interrogation room table, Brady and Theresa hold up pieces of chocolate bar as if they're toasting.

As she breathed in the chocolatey goodness, she worried about Tate. They don’t want to think that their son broke their rules.

The two ended up bonding over playing the blame game. Theresa wanted to know if Tate took after her, was she the one who failed their son?

They both blamed themselves for Tate’s trouble. Ultimately, their communication skills with each other were at an all-time high.

Brady and Theresa clasp hands across the interrogation room table.

Opening up to each other helped them come to an important conclusion.

That they both needed to believe in Tate and believe Tate.

They vowed to never doubt their son again. And over dark chocolate squares, they pledged to never give up on him.

Sitting in the interrogation room with closed eyes, Theresa holds a chocolate bar up to her parted lips.

Bros Bonding

An unexpected interaction happened between Chad and Alex.

Chad was at the park throwing the football with Thomas when Alex joined them for a guys’ night.

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In the park, Chad is crouched down to a smily Thomas.

Alex gave Thomas football tips, and then the three played Monkey in the Middle with Alex being the one in the middle.

Later, the two bonded over a conversation about parenting. Alex admitted he didn’t know much about it.

He didn’t know Tate all that much, and now he didn’t know if he’d ever get the chance.

Alex filled Chad in on getting kicked out by Theresa and how he’s now left trying to figure out his role in all of this.

Sitting on the park bench, Chad and Alex share a laugh. Chad holds a football.

It was all new territory for him, but one thing that wasn’t new was that he kept screwing things up.

Chad advised asking Justin for advice. But Alex said they weren’t getting along, which was his fault.

In turn, Chad opened up about finding out he was Stefano’s kid when he was an adult.

Hospital and Prison Happenings

At the hospital, EJ walked in on Eric at Holly’s bedside. Eric told him he didn’t want Holly to be alone while he and Nicole were at home.

A contemplative EJ stares off with his hand to his mouth.

Later, EJ offered to leave the room, but both Nicole and Eric asked him to stay.

While everybody was getting along, EJ brought up other options for Holly.

He called the clinic in Italy, the one that brought him back from the brink of death.

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They couldn’t promise anything, but he felt the facility could help her. Nicole promised to consider it.

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At the prison, Kate and Harris had business with Lucas.

Harris offered Lucas a deal depending on Lucas helping find information on the dealer responsible for Salem’s drug epidemic.

At first, Lucas was skeptical. He knew the rules of prison. That it’s a place where snitches not only get stitches, they get their skulls stepped on.

Lucas claimed his informant days were over, but when Kate was out of the room, Harris gave him the hard sell.

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Initially, Lucas rejected Harris’s offer in favor of keeping his head down and doing his time.

But, he changed his mind despite Kate’s very loud opposition. Lucas agreed to be Harris’s inside man in favor of protection and freedom.

Lucas’s undercover stint started right away when he yelled for Kate and Harris to get out and never come back.

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