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Days of Our Lives Recap: Holly’s Italy Clinic – Lucas’ Snitch Deal

On January 12 in Days of Our Lives, Nicole took Holly’s belongings to the hospital. EJ saw her with Eric and expressed unease. Nicole admitted Eric’s support during Holly’s hangover. Revelations about […]

On January 12 in Days of Our Lives, Nicole took Holly’s belongings to the hospital.

EJ saw her with Eric and expressed unease. Nicole admitted Eric’s support during Holly’s hangover.

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Revelations about Holly’s involvement with weed made Nicole question her innocence.

EJ mulled over unsettling possibilities. In Holly’s room, Eric reminisced about their bond.

Once EJ arrived with Nicole and saw that Eric was there, he offered to leave the exes alone and go grab some coffee.

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Eric insisted EJ should stay since he was Holly’s stepfather and part of her life, too.

After Nicole got updates from the nurse, she revealed that there was no change in Holly’s condition.

Since there still wasn’t anything positive to report, EJ suggested it might be time to consider other options.

A contemplative EJ stares off with his hand to his mouth.

EJ mentioned the clinic in Italy that brought him back when he nearly didn’t make it.

The facility there was state of the art and world-renowned, so EJ had spoken to them on the phone and got an optimistic response.

Nicole was wary since something could happen to Holly while traveling, but EJ insisted he’d hire an expert physician to accompany them every step of the way.

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After Nicole agreed to consider the Italy clinic, Eric led a prayer by Holly’s bedside.

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In the park on Friday’s Days of Our Lives show, Alex Kiriakis found Chad DiMera having a fun guys’ night with Thomas DiMera.

Thomas was tossing a football around with Chad before it landed by Alex, who gave it back and offered Thomas some catching pointers.

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Since they needed three people to play Monkey in the Middle, Alex agreed to be the monkey.

While Thomas was off playing with a friend, Alex brought up the challenges of parenthood and wondered how Chad knew what to do.

Chad pointed out that kids’ brains weren’t developed enough to realize their parents didn’t have a clue.

Alex talked about Theresa Donovan being a wreck over Tate and feared he blew it with her by crossing a boundary.

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Chad suggested Justin Kiriakis could give Alex advice, but Alex said he wasn’t on the best terms with Justin either.

Alex blamed himself for that and questioned if he was doomed to ruin all his relationships.

After Alex reflected on finding out Victor Kiriakis was his biological father, Chad related to him since he found out he was Stefano DiMera’s son as a grown man.

Once Thomas walked back over, he wanted to keep tossing the football around.

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Thomas and Chad both declared that they were “not it,” so Alex joked around over being the monkey in the middle again.

In the interrogation room on Friday’s Days episode, Brady Black offered Theresa a bar of her favorite extra dark chocolate.

Theresa opened it and inhaled the smell of it to calm herself.

Brady blamed himself for Tate’s ordeal and felt that he should’ve been there more for his son.

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Theresa insisted Tate knew how much Brady loved him and that Brady would always come when he called.

Brady and Theresa second-guessed a lot of their decisions like sending Tate to boarding school in the first place.

Theresa thought she was to blame for Tate’s issues and started spinning out over how they let this happen, so Brady pulled her into a hug.

Despite their issues, Brady and Theresa knew they both had done the best they could for Tate.

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Theresa and Brady worried that Tate might be lying about the drugs being Holly’s, but they ultimately decided they had to have faith in him.

Brady and Theresa wound up sharing a toast with chocolate squares as they shared a warm moment on Friday’s Days episode.

At Statesville, Lucas Horton asked why Kate Roberts Brady was there after visiting hours, so she confessed that she called in a favor.

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Kate admitted she brought someone else before Harris Michaels joined them. Lucas mentioned Harris’ shady track record, but Kate pointed out that Harris saved her life.

Harris ultimately shared his belief that the person behind Salem’s latest drug empire was working from behind bars.

That’s why Harris wanted to strike a deal with Lucas and get some help figuring out who was responsible.

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Lucas wondered if Harris was out of his mind and pointed out that he saw a guy get shanked over a forbidden cell phone recently.

Snitches got far worse than stitches in prison!

Harris assured Lucas of release if he cooperated, given Lucas’ past as an informant.

Kate respected Lucas’ decision despite missing him. Lucas hesitated but eventually agreed when Harris emphasized the urgency to combat the drug crisis.

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Kate was skeptical, but Lucas committed to helping.

Harris advised Lucas to make a convincing act, prompting him to loudly reject being labeled a rat.

Lucas embarked on a risky path, and upcoming events will reveal more.

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