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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope confesses nervously, RJ and Luna’s first time goes awry, and Eric returns home

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from January 15 to January 26, indicate that Hope Logan will struggle with the information Thomas Forrester has shared regarding the […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from January 15 to January 26, indicate that Hope Logan will struggle with the information Thomas Forrester has shared regarding the night of Emma Barber’s accident.

During the week of January 15-19, the brakes could get pumped on Thomas and Hope’s romance since Hope will ultimately confide in Brooke Logan.

Hope will open up to Brooke about some growing fears about Thomas’ past and whether she can really accept it.

Of course, Brooke has already made her feelings crystal clear when it comes to Hope and Thomas’ romance.

This will just give Brooke even more of a reason to argue that Hope should end things with Thomas for good.

As for Steffy Forrester, she’ll beg John “Finn” Finnegan to have faith in Thomas’ innocence and stop believing Xander’s unproven accusations.

Later, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Steffy and the rest of the Forrester clan will have something to celebrate.

That’s because Eric Forrester will be cleared for release from the hospital.

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As the whole gang looks forward to welcoming Eric home, he’ll get more support and will eventually have an emotional conversation with Ridge Forrester.

Eric may put Ridge’s mind at ease about him doing the right thing by approving the experimental procedure.

It’s clear that Eric wanted to live and that he’s grateful for Finn’s treatment.

Naturally, Eric’s feelings could change as he struggles with the transition to life at the mansion and the next chapter of his recovery, but we’ll see how it all plays out.

Once Li Finnegan gets updates on Poppy Nozawa dating Bill Spencer, she’ll go ballistic and most likely try to forbid it.

However, Li isn’t the boss of Poppy, who’ll go on a second date with Bill and leave him hanging on her every word.

Bill will get all starry-eyed and basically think Poppy is one of the most gorgeous, fascinating women he’s ever known.

Since Bill and Poppy will once again share a meal at Il Giardino, that’ll give Deacon Sharpe and Sheila Carter a front-row seat to the strange magic that’s happening.

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While Sheila and Deacon grow increasingly curious, Bill will take Poppy to a beach house so they can have some private time.

Unfortunately, RJ Forrester will have the same idea once he gets on the same page with Luna Nozawa about taking their relationship to the next level.

There’ll apparently be some confusion when it comes to who owns and rents the property, so RJ will take Luna to the same place where Bill’s getting hot and heavy with Poppy!

That’s going to bring an extremely awkward encounter, especially for Luna since she may derail her own mother’s hookup.

Since Bill might be Luna’s biological father, that’s something to keep in mind as all the chaos erupts.

During the week of January 22-26, Luna may apologize to Poppy for the confusion and assume that things are going well with Bill.

Despite the beach house hiccup, Luna may hope this means Bill and Poppy have a chance at a lasting relationship.

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As for Luna and RJ, will they find someone else to make love for the first time?

Zende Forrester Dominguez would be smart if he tried to delay that step for RJ and Luna as long as possible.

It’s easy to see that Zende isn’t content with being a love triangle loser, so he may fight harder to win Luna’s heart.

There’ll inevitably be some new developments when it comes to Thomas and Hope, too.

Will Hope be able to let go of the past and move forward with Thomas?

Once Hope has a chance to mull everything over, she’ll have to decide whether Thomas is her future or not.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some fantastic scenes, so stick with us for all the big news that’s looming.

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