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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Goodbye to Holly, Kiss Between Exes, Tate’s Lucky Break and Danger for Harris

In the upcoming weeks on Days of Our Lives, Paulina Price will rely on Abe Carver as she awaits her biopsy results. During January 15-19, Paulina will receive crucial support from Abe, […]

In the upcoming weeks on Days of Our Lives, Paulina Price will rely on Abe Carver as she awaits her biopsy results.

During January 15-19, Paulina will receive crucial support from Abe, bringing them closer.

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Additionally, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration and dinner parties are on the horizon, promising some intriguing developments.

Sloan Petersen-Brady, overwhelmed by hosting Marlena Evans, faces challenges, causing a stir with Marlena and John Black. Eric Brady attempts to mediate and ease tensions.

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In another storyline, the Johnson family dinner takes an unexpected turn as Steve Johnson, acting as a protective father, delves into personal questions with Everett Lynch.

Although Stephanie Johnson may apologize afterward, Everett understands and might even express admiration for Steve’s concern for his daughter.

Kayla Johnson, Tripp Johnson, and Wendy Shin will also witness the dinner drama, so we’ll see their reactions.

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As for Wendy and Tripp, they’ll enjoy some private romantic time afterward.

Now that Tripp and Wendy have decided to stay in Salem, they’ll deepen their romance and sizzle even more often.

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Meanwhile, Alex Kiriakis will tell Justin Kiriakis that he’s sorry for insulting him over his defense of Tate Black.

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Alex may admit he’s still struggling over the news that Victor Kiriakis is his biological father – or so he thinks!

As a result, Alex has been taking his issues out on Justin, so he may see that it’s not fair and hope they can get their relationship back on track.

Theresa Donovan and Brady Black will receive some positive updates on Tate, so they may be hopeful about EJ DiMera backing down or at least going a bit easier on him.

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If Tate could get out on bail or score a transfer to a juvenile facility, that’d be a nice start.

It’d be even better if EJ would drop the charges entirely, but he may not be willing to go that far yet.

Unfortunately, Tate’s good news may not be enough to stop Theresa from relapsing.

There are signs that Theresa may potentially go on a drug and alcohol binge since she’ll end up missing.

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Alex and Brady will team up to locate Theresa, who’ll be found and tended to soon after.

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Since it looks like Theresa will be taken home instead of the hospital, she may just need to sleep off her bad choices.

It turns out Theresa will kiss Brady on the sofa just before Alex walks in, but she may be able to blame it on the drug and booze fog.

Other Days spoilers say Harris Michaels will carry out a raid at The Bistro, so that’ll send Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera flying into panic mode.

After Harris has a confrontation with Ava on the loading docks, he’ll open up to Rafe Hernandez about his complicated feelings for her.

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Stefan will also try to scare Harris off with a bold message – perhaps to help him avoid getting a far worse one from Clyde Weston.

While Johnny DiMera asks Chanel Dupree to be his wife again, Sarah Horton will move more of her belongings into Xander Cook’s place.

That’ll include a special “Xander box” that’s full of things that remind Sarah of him.

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It looks like Xander will sneak a peek inside despite Sarah’s protests, so he may be touched over the souvenirs of their history as a couple.

While Sarah and Xander’s romance heats up, Lucas Horton will land in some trouble.

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Once Lucas gets attacked behind bars, Kate Roberts Brady will hold Harris responsible.

As for Konstantin Meleounis, he’ll launch a tense conversation with Steve.

Konstantin knows things about John’s past as “The Pawn” that Steve would rather protect him from, so that’ll give him some leverage.

At the hospital, all the necessary precautions and preparations will be made for Holly Jonas to travel to the clinic in Italy.

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Nicole DiMera will offer final approval, so she’ll bid Holly farewell along with EJ, Eric, and Maggie Kiriakis. Holly will be back, but her loved ones will still struggle to say goodbye for now.

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