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The Young and The Restless News: Double date declined, Billy and Devon clash, and Kyle’s promotion delayed

The Young and the Restless spoilers update for Monday, January 15, discloses that Phyllis Summers will persist in prying into Summer Newman’s romantic affairs. However, Summer will feign indifference, pretending that things […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers update for Monday, January 15, discloses that Phyllis Summers will persist in prying into Summer Newman’s romantic affairs.

However, Summer will feign indifference, pretending that things didn’t work out with Chance Chancellor.

Summer will explain that Chance rejected her lunch invitation, so she won’t be interested in returning to her bratty history and scheming like Phylis to get what she wants.

Of course, Phyllis will be offended and make it clear that she’s never going to be sorry for being a go-getter.

When it comes to Summer and Kyle Abbott’s failed marriage, Phyllis will fume over Kyle being a hypocrite and a cheater.

It’ll be Kyle’s fault that Summer thinks she’s unworthy of being happy now – at least from Phyllis’ perspective.

However, Summer’s night will take an interesting turn when she bumps into Chance at the coffeehouse.

After Summer panics over Chance being late for Sharon Newman’s launch party, he’ll admit he’s not going since Sharon broke up with him.

Chance won’t think it’s such a bad thing since Sharon was probably right about them wanting different things.

Summer will still show Chance some sympathy and will get him grinning when she asks him to have dinner with her.

At the Abbott house, Jack Abbott will help Diane Jenkins-Abbott with her dress for the shindig and get a reminder that there’s nothing stopping him from promoting Kyle now.

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Since Kyle’s plot to trick Tucker McCall didn’t pan out, Diane will be eager to officially get Kyle in that co-CEO spot.

Jack will act like there’s plenty of time for that and won’t seem in any hurry to actually give Kyle the position yet.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy Abbott will struggle to hide his irritation over Devon Hamilton-Winters dragging his feet on some new proposals.

Billy will point out that some of them have expiration dates, but Devon will suggest they’ll just have to expire then since he’s not the kind of person who rushes business decisions.

Chelsea Lawson and Abby Newman-Abbott will be weirded out over the stressed vibe they arrive to, but Chelsea will ask if they want to make this a double date since they’re all going to the launch bash.

Devon will decline due to some last-minute work and opt to bring Abby over later, so Chelsea and Billy will exit without them.

After Chelsea questions Billy, he’ll act like Devon’s just a little aloof since he’s used to having autonomy and now has a lot more input.

Meanwhile, The Young and the Restless spoilers say Abby will quiz Devon, who’ll suggest Billy’s used to doing things differently at Jabot with Jack.

Devon will feel confident it’s all going to work out once Billy settles in.

Back at Society, Phyllis will buy Christine Blair a drink and offer a phony apology for her behavior recently.

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Christine won’t believe it any more than she’s believed Phyllis’ countless other redemption charades.

After Christine talks about her cabin trip with Danny Romalotti, she’ll be surprised Danny didn’t mention it to Phyllis since they’re supposedly so close.

Christine will play up how she’s going to get cozy by the fire with Danny and lie that he suggested this getaway.

Once Christine departs, Phyllis will whip out her phone to get Danny on the line.

At the GCAC, Mariah Copeland will coordinate the launch party press and make sure Sharon’s surprise stays hidden until the unveiling – even from Tessa Porter.

Guests will mingle in the jazz lounge, where Chelsea and Adam Newman will discuss Connor Newman’s not-so-great report card.

Chelsea won’t think it’s a big deal since they have to give Connor time to settle in at his new school.

Chelsea will also speak with Jack and confess that she thinks it was in Billy’s best interest to leave Jabot.

That’ll still sting for Jack, but he’ll be glad Billy’s doing well and will seem to really approve of his brother’s relationship with Chelsea.

Adam will spread the word about his co-CEO spot at Newman Enterprises and will sing Sally Spectra’s praises to anyone who’ll listen.

It’ll be obvious that Sally and Adam’s romance is getting back on track – and Sally will suspect that Sharon’s perhaps getting back on track with Nick Newman, too.

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Sharon will deny that and act like her date with Nick tonight is just a friendly one.

Even so, there’ll be some lovely moments between Sharon and Nick – like when he gives her a CEO nameplate along with a bouquet of flowers from Noah Newman and Faith Newman.

Since Sharon dreamed about a partnership between her company and Chancellor-Winters, she’ll pitch the idea to Devon and Billy.

That’ll lead to the three of them agreeing to meet soon for a follow-up discussion.

Once Sharon makes a speech about her company’s mission, she’ll reveal the logo she had designed and unveil the company’s rebranding.

From now on, Kirsten Incorporated will be known as Cassidy First Technology.

Sharon will praise Mariah and Nick specifically for their help getting the ball rolling on this overhaul.

There’ll also be some talk about all the charity donations that Sharon has planned.

Nick will also get a bit misty-eyed over Sharon’s nod to Cassie Newman in the company name, so he’ll share a sweet moment with Sharon as the episode winds down.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Sharon will pull off a successful launch, so stay tuned for updates on any other great news that’s ahead in her career.

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