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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jada Profiled, Paulina’s Podcast, Everett’s Crisis

On “Days of Our Lives” recap for Monday, January 15, 2024, Chanel Dupree is concerned about her mother’s health, while Paulina Price learns about Holly Jonas. Leo Stark threatens Sloan Petersen-Brady, leading […]

On “Days of Our Lives” recap for Monday, January 15, 2024, Chanel Dupree is concerned about her mother’s health, while Paulina Price learns about Holly Jonas.

Leo Stark threatens Sloan Petersen-Brady, leading to Nicole Walker-DiMera confronting Sloan. Chad DiMera and Everett Lynch discuss the drug crisis in Salem.

Sloan regards Nicole in the Square with an open mouth as if she's speaking. Nicole tilts her head with a light smile.

The episode also shows Paulina, Abe Carver, and Chanel celebrating Martin Luther King Day, with discussions about Paulina’s inspiring podcast and the importance of service.

Johnny DiMera brings hot beverages for the group. Meanwhile, Chad and Everett pick up trash in the park, with Everett feeling unwell, and Nicole updates Abe and Paulina about Holly and a clinic in Italy.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, January 15 reveal that Sloan runs into Leo.

Sloan mentions Leo’s allowance and being sleep-deprived. Leo wants more money, but Sloan reminds him if he drains her bank account, there will be zero dollars.

Leo wryly scrunches his face at Sloan who holds a coffee cup in the Square.

Leo boasts about Lady Whistleblower making a comeback and hints his first column might be about Sloan’s secret. Sloan flies into a panic.

Leo and Sloan bicker. Leo admits he’s not planning to expose Sloan’s secret through The Spectator, as long as Sloan keeps up her end of the bargain. He does want more money, though.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Abe and Paulina that she plans to go to Italy with Holly if she is approved for the program. Nicole mentions that EJ DiMera will stay in Salem.

Paulina promises to do everything she can to protect Salem’s youth from tragedies. Abe vows to be there for Nicole.

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Paulina holds Abe's hand as she speaks into a microphone at her desk. Across from her, Abe wears headphones in front of podcasting equipment.

Near where Everett had his “health moment,” Jada Hunter and Rafe Hernandez are nearby.

Jada was accused of shoplifting during her police shift. Jada called Rafe, who came to her rescue.

They talked about racial profiling while Chanel talked about her own experiences with Johnny. Jada tells Rafe that as a black woman, she isn’t allowed to get angry.

Johnny and Chanel then talk about Paulina’s health. Chanel comments that tomorrow is the day that Paulina is supposed to get her biopsy results.

Wearing a green Brady Pub apron outside the Pub, Johnny wraps his arm around Chanel. She leans her head on Johnny's shoulder while holding a bakery box in her arms. They smile at Abe and Paulina, who hold to-go coffees and grin back at them.

Chanel is worried, but Johnny thinks it’s all just procedure. Johnny makes a sweet comment about Chanel having a soft, squishy heart.

Back with Sloan, she yells at Leo as he trots off. Nicole shows up and asks Sloan about her deal with Leo. Sloan makes a cover story and the two try to play nice.

Meanwhile, Everett gets back to The Spectator office before Jada sees him. Everett

In the park, Chad holds a trash bag and a long trash picker. Next to him, Everett holds a broom and standup dust pan.

is eagerly munching on a protein bar while discussing the drug story with Chad.

Over with Paulina, she mentions hoping her voice holds up for the new podcast. Abe can sense she is worried but stays silent while being supportive.

Rafe and Jada sit down at Brady’s Pub. Jada wants to go back to work, but Rafe tells her it’s okay to take a breath after a rough morning.

Johnny explains why he’s helping out at Brady’s Pub and gives them menus. Suddenly, Chanel springs over and offers Jada the rest of their pastries.

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Rafe, Johnny, Chanel and Jada sit around a table at the Pub.

At the Spectator office, Everett and Chad continue talking. Leo bursts in and demands confetti. Everett jokes about Leo’s cape.

Chad doesn’t understand the publishing joke, so Chad and Everett kinda explain it to him.

Chad brings up that Leo’s column is two days late. Leo sends it to them and eagerly waits for Everett and Chad’s response.

Sloan brags about having Eric and Jude but admits she is sleep-deprived. Sloan asks Nicole about Holly.

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Nicole tells Sloan about the Italian clinic. Sloan is miffed that Eric Brady didn’t mention that to her. Nicole says it’s because she hasn’t told Eric about it yet.

Then, Sloan asks if Nicole will be going to Italy with Holly. When Nicole says yes, Sloan blurts out that it’s wonderful news.

Sloan explains that she is now a “religious” woman, vaguely saying the pregnancy, miscarriage, and adoption have changed her. Nicole is doubtful.

Sloan then admits they are having a family dinner but Marlena Evans intimidates her. Sloan talks about how perfect the devil-possessed psychiatrist is.

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Nicole gives Sloan some advice and tells her to wind down with some wine before the guests arrive.

Paulina talks about her mother and MLK with Abe. She uses it as an excuse to keep “pushing through.”

Rafe and Jada continue talking about racial profiling. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Chanel that he never noticed her having any kind of issue.

Chanel brings up specific examples, including one situation that happened overseas.

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Nicole really seems to be trying to help give Sloan good advice. Sloan can tell that Nicole really is trying. It’s a nice moment between them, which makes Sloan’s secret even worse!

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Chad admits that he never heard of a lot of the intel in Leo’s column.

Leo says back in the old days, nobody wanted to link gay rights with civil rights. Leo says it still happens. Chad and Everett are impressed.

Everett suggests publishing the column under Leo’s real name and not Lady Whistleblower. Chad brings up that it might not be able to be published at all, though.

Paulina is struggling. Abe pushes Paulina to call the doctor. Paulina tells Abe she is getting her biopsy results the next day.

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Abe wants to know why Paulina didn’t tell him about this. It’s a tense moment, but Paulina eventually says she wants Abe to be there with her, and he agrees.

Chanel talks to Johnny about when her father got sick and lost health insurance.

Chanel always wondered if her father would have survived if they hadn’t lost the insurance. Chanel brings up about people of color and lack of health insurance.

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