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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Victor warns Nikki about Seth as Christine and Danny oversee

The Young and the Restless recap and spoilers for Wednesday, January 17 highlight intriguing developments in Genoa City. The episode commences with Victoria Newman in the living room at the Newman Ranch. […]

The Young and the Restless recap and spoilers for Wednesday, January 17 highlight intriguing developments in Genoa City.

The episode commences with Victoria Newman in the living room at the Newman Ranch.

She instantly has a flashback to when Claire Grace came out of the holding room where she confronted her Aunt Jordan and the discussion they had with Cole Howard there, too.

The flashback of Claire’s parents offering their undying support ends, and Victor Newman enters the room.

Victoria updates her dad on her trip, and her need to offer Claire all the love and attention she can.

She wants nothing more than for the young woman to turn her life around.

The Moustache knows all too well how Victoria feels as he’s had the same struggles with Adam Newman in the past.

He reminds his daughter that Claire is a victim and cannot wash away her hurt overnight. It will take time.

He also cautions Victoria that Claire seeing Jordan could re-ignite a feeling of loyalty.

Victoria does reveal that Claire didn’t say much about her encounter with Jordan, and she slept most of the way home.

Then the two also talk about how much she’s missed at Newman Enterprises, and how well Adam and Nick Newman are running the show as co-CEOs.

He supports her decision to take a hiatus, but she is missed.

Cole’s name is brought up, and how the two share a bond in the odd situation they are in. Victoria notes that he’s been great throughout the entire ordeal.

Across town, Lauren Fenmore and Nikki Newman pick up where they left off during Tuesday’s show, chatting over coffee at Crimson.

After running into her AA sponsor Seth, and his odd behavior, Nikki tells Lauren she believes he has relapsed.

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Lauren cautions if he should be her sponsor.

Sadly, Nikki laments that she’s the reason he’s fallen off the wagon, but Lauren reminds her that she cannot take responsibility for someone else’s actions when it comes to sobriety.

Jack Abbott surprisingly arrives on the scene, and as quickly as he shows up, Nikki excuses herself to leave.

Lauren insists on driving her home; however, Nikki won’t have it.

After Nikki leaves, Jack can sense some tension. Lauren begins by telling him she feels overwhelmed.

She wants to be a good friend to Nikki, and with Michael Baldwin out of town, she feels very stressed.

Lauren needs a friend, and Jack agrees to help her, but they both decide it would be better to talk about things somewhere privately.

Jack agrees whatever she tells him will stay between them and tells her to meet him at his house.

Once they get to the Abbott mansion, Jack immediately guesses that Nikki’s been drinking again.

Lauren’s concerned because it seems as if Nikki’s AA sponsor, Seth, has relapsed, so he won’t be of any help in Nikki’s journey toward sobriety.

Nikki needs someone who’s rock solid, but Lauren also knows Jack can’t tell Nikki that she’s told him anything.

As Jack has been down the same road as Nikki, Jack agrees to help out, and will so discreetly without letting her know Lauren has said anything.

Over at the jazz lounge, Danny Romalotti and Phyllis Summers take a breather from their lip lock at the bar, and the rockstar is irate with what Phyllis has done.

She points out that he didn’t exactly pull back from their kiss, but Danny believes he was tricked into the entire situation, and he’s very upset about it.

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He realizes that Phyllis hasn’t changed, especially with the stunt she pulled by posting the video of him on her social media, and implying they were a thing.

He storms off from the jazz lounge, leaving Phyllis there to reflect on things, and heads upstairs to the GCAC, where finds Christine Blair at that bar.

She reaches out to Nina Webster via text to meet up before Danny approaches her to talk.

He tries to make the situation seem like one of Phyllis’s stunts, but Christine makes it clear that she saw the two kissing, and it didn’t look like he was duped into doing anything.

Cricket states that she’s not going down this road with him again, and she refuses to fight over him with Phyllis of all people.

Danny tries to convince her that she’s the one he wants to be with, but Christine won’t have any of it and storms out of the GCAC to meet up with Nina.

Of course, Phyllis arrives on the scene to witness the fight between the lawyer and rockstar and is pretty smug about the drama she’s caused.

Cricket finds her way to Nina at Society and is so grateful her bestie is back in town and can meet up so late.

The two share some wine, and Christine tells Nina about everything that has recently unfolded.

Nina seems to think it was just Phyllis and her typical games; however, Christine tells her BFF that the kiss between Phyllis and Danny seemed like far more.

She believes Danny has unresolved feelings for Phyllis, and as far as she’s concerned, she’s done with him.

Meanwhile, back at the GCAC bar, a pleased Phyllis approaches Danny and asks him what’s wrong with The Bug.

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Danny is still reeling from his conversation with Cricket and believes that he’s lost his last chance at love with her … all because of Phyllis’s games.

Danny tells Phyllis that she hasn’t changed, and he’s done with her and asks her to leave him alone for good.

She points out that they have a son and granddaughter together, but Danny doesn’t care and wants nothing to do with her.

He storms away from the bar, leaving Phyllis there alone, once again.

Back to Nikki, she arrives from Crimson to the Newman Ranch to find Victor and Victoria.

Her hubby and daughter can see she is rattled, and she tells them she believes her AA sponsor has relapsed.

She thinks her drunken episode the night before is what triggered him, and Nikki feels awful.

Much like Lauren, Vicky, and The Moustache try to console her and make her realize that Seth is responsible for his own actions, but Nikki is still quite upset over the entire thing.

Sometime later, Nikki and Victor are playing chess and making small talk. She receives a text from Seth, checking in on her.

Victor advises her not to reply and to call AA to alert them of Seth’s relapse to find her another sponsor; however, it’s unclear if Nikki will follow her husband’s orders.

Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that Seth may continue to play an integral part in storylines moving forward, so it’ll be interesting to see how his possible relapse affects Nikki’s sobriety.

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