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Days of our Lives Recap: Sloan’s Drunk, Disorderly, and Disastrous Dinner

Sloan, Nicole Walker advised you to have just one glass of wine before dinner. Just ONE. In the Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, January 16, 2024, Sloan’s dinner party with […]

Sloan, Nicole Walker advised you to have just one glass of wine before dinner. Just ONE.

In the Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, January 16, 2024, Sloan’s dinner party with John and Marlena took a dreadful turn.

Sitting in Sloan and Eric's apartment, John casts a quizzical look, while Marlena impassively stares ahead.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Harris headed a Salem Police Department raid of The Bistro.

Wearing a bulletproof vest, Harris faces an angry Ava in the Bistro. Stefan regards armed police officers who pass through.

And Justin engineered a deal to get Tate out of prison that earned Alex’s respect. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

The Bistro Dinner Special: A Police Raid

Ava and Stefan thought they had a handle on everything at The Bistro.

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Their biggest problem: potentially having to search for a new food supplier.

Suddenly, Harris, armed with a warrant, raided The Bistro. Ava and Stefan knew they were screwed.

Of course, Ava couldn’t help but deflect from the situation by giving Harris a piece of her mind.

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Harris defended himself, but really there was nothing he could do.

Unfortunately for the detective, there were no drugs to be found.

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Apparently, Clyde knew it was happening, so he had a colleague move the drugs.

The guy did so without Ava and Stefan knowing. After apologizing to their customers, Stefan chatted with Gabi on the phone.

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Meanwhile, Ava received a text from an unknown person who asked her to meet them at the docks. It turned out to be Harris.

Tate was released from jail making his mom and dad so happy.

Justin arranged for him to be transferred to a juvenile rehab facility, a place that’s presumably a lot more safe. Brady, Theresa, and even Alex were grateful for Justin’s initiative.

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That is, until they heard some of the stipulations. For example, Tate won’t have contact with the outside world for the first month he’s there.

Very Awkward Dinner Party

John and Marlena arrived early for their dinner with Sloan and Eric, a move that didn’t bode well for Sloan.

With a raised brow and a cocked head, Sloan points at Marlena while holding a wine glass. Eric furrows his brow at his wife.

She drank way more than one glass of wine and didn’t eat anything. So that wine went straight to her head.

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As a result, the dinner party featured awkward silences between Sloan, John, and Marlena when Eric was out of the room.

In addition, Sloan told unfunny mom jokes and called Marlena stony-faced as well as an intimidating individual.

Needless to say, Sloan couldn’t control her emotions — she drunk cried at one point.

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Her attempts to get on John and Marlena’s good side fell flat causing cringey moment after cringey moment.

It quickly became apparent that this dinner was a complete disaster.

When Jude started crying, John and Marlena offered to take the little guy for a walk.

During that walk, Marlena noticed something about the baby. When he smiled, he looked a little like Eric.

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John and Marlena felt bad for Eric. They realized Sloan tried to impress them but failed miserably.

The dinner party ended when Brady called John to let them know they were needed at the police station to say goodbye to Tate.

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Meanwhile, Sloan passed out before she could tell Eric her big secret. As for Eric, he took care of Jude.

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