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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bistro Raided, Tate’s Half-Win, Sloan’s Drunken Family Dinner

On January 16, 2024, Harris Michael raided the Bistro in Days of Our Lives, while Justin Kiriakis shared a partial victory for Tate Black. Meanwhile, Sloan Petersen-Brady created a disturbance during a […]

On January 16, 2024, Harris Michael raided the Bistro in Days of Our Lives, while Justin Kiriakis shared a partial victory for Tate Black.

Meanwhile, Sloan Petersen-Brady created a disturbance during a family dinner with Eric Brady, Marlena Evans, and John Black.

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The episode began with Harris at the police station, followed by scenes at Sloan and Eric’s place and discussions between Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera at the Bistro.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and recap for Tuesday, January 16 reveal that at the police station, Alex Kiriakis, Theresa Donovan, and Brady Black all rush down at Justin Kiriakis’ request.

Suddenly, everyone is excited when Tate walks in. Everyone is so happy and Theresa gives her son a giant bear hug. Tate looks like he can’t breathe, but Theresa keeps smothering him anyway.

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Justin explains that he was able to get Tate transferred to a rehab facility. The judge approved the transfer, but they don’t have much time.

Brady asks if EJ DiMera is going to revoke the judge’s decision as he did with Tate’s bail.

Sloan is drinking more wine. Sloan looks like she feels very alone while everyone else mingles.

Finally, Marlena comes over to Sloan to break the ice. Sloan offers John and Marlena wine. “Jarlena” politely declines.

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Sloan insists that it’s really good wine and she would hate to drink the whole bottle by herself. Marlena explains that she has a lot to do the next day.

John mutters something about not drinking these days. Sloan then orders Eric around some more while she stands there drinking more wine.

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Eric asks his parents about New Year’s. Sloan pours more wine. Marlena brings up Holly Jonas with Eric while Sloan listens.

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Sloan jumps in and says Jude Brady won’t use drugs. Sloan says they will protect him.

Eric clarifies that they will do the best they can as parents. Sloan says they’ll do better than that and will even lie for their son. Marlena gets an interesting look on her face.

Ava and Stefan talk about drugs and the Bistro. Stefan hopes things will get quieter.

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Stefan and Ava toast to that, and then Harris walks in and announces it is a raid right in front of the restaurant guests. Stefan looks and Ava and says they are screwed.

Justin tells Brady, Theresa, Alex, and Tate that he made a strong case.

They have to get Tate to rehab. However, Tate doesn’t do drugs, so he doesn’t understand why he has to go.

Justin says the facility also helps kids with behavioral issues. Tate counters that he doesn’t have behavioral issues.

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Justin says there will be group therapy and work assignments. Tate doesn’t want to go. But it’s either that or stay in jail. Tate is scheduled to leave that night.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and recap for Tuesday, January 16 reveal that Marlena asks Sloan what she means by lying to protect Jude.

Sloan covers by saying she means a white lie to protect Jude, not a “lie-lie.”

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Then, Sloan tries to get first mom tips from Marlena, but brings up how “Doc” pumped out twins “right off the bat.”

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Marlena looks uncomfortable and awkward, but for Sloan, not for herself. Sloan vents about Marlena being oh-so-perfect.

Marlena brings up that she had a son who died. Now Sloan is upset. Sloan throws a temper tantrum and starts rambling. Sloan should really shut up now, but the alcohol won’t let her.

As John and Marlena sit at the dinner table, Sloan tells Eric to tell his parents the big news. Eric doesn’t know what she means.

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Sloan mutters something about a “camera thing.” Eric realizes that Sloan means his photography business.

Instead of a lawyer, Sloan is acting like a ditzy teenage girl, even twirling her hair. Sloan is bouncing on one foot impatiently. Sloan tries to tell camera jokes.

Nobody is laughing. Sloan then tells Marlena that she is quite intimidating. Marlena agrees with Eric and suggests Sloan lie down.

Sloan gets rude and belligerent, then breaks a glass as she lunges over the table at Marlena.

Sloan starts to sob on Eric’s shoulder. John and Marlena awkwardly watch as Eric consoles Sloan.

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Harris urges Ava to tell him the truth at the Bistro. Ava tells Harris he’s a spoiled child and he’s just punishing her for breaking up with him.

Harris denies it. Harris asks Ava to let him help her out of this mess. Harris adds that he can also help Ava get out of her dynamic with Stefan too.

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Justin tells everyone that the rehab is in Illinois. For the first month, Tate isn’t allowed any contact with anyone, including his parents.

Brady and Theresa are not allowed to travel with Tate, either. Theresa flips out. Tate reasons at least he won’t get beaten up in rehab.

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Marlena goes to get Sloan water. Sloan is still sobbing and rambling in Eric’s arms. The baby starts to cry, probably from Sloan’s shrieking.

We would want our real mom, too. Sloan gives Marlena a snarky reply after getting the water.

The baby cries even louder. Sloan sets down the water and exchanges it for more wine.

John and Marlena take Jude for a stroll. Marlena says it’s strange, but Jude reminds her of Eric when he smiles.

John and Marlena both feel bad for Eric. John asks what made Sloan hit the bottle so hard. Marlena assumes Sloan was nervous and wanted to impress them.

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John and Marlena express sympathy for Sloan’s embarrassing behavior, with John hinting at concerns about her drinking habits.

Sloan, resistant to taking a nap, admits to wanting to dance with Eric, who is tired and puzzled by her excessive wine consumption.

Ava and Harris discuss the absence of drugs, with Harris thanking Ava and Stefan for their cooperation.

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