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The Bold and The Beautiful News: Steffy celebrates, Eric’s desire, and Li bursts Poppy’s bubble

The Bold and the Beautiful recap and spoilers for Wednesday, January 17 disclose that John “Finn” Finnegan delivers the news that Eric Forrester might be discharged tomorrow. Li Finnegan confronts Poppy Nozawa. […]

The Bold and the Beautiful recap and spoilers for Wednesday, January 17 disclose that John “Finn” Finnegan delivers the news that Eric Forrester might be discharged tomorrow.

Li Finnegan confronts Poppy Nozawa.

Additionally, Wyatt Spencer seeks Bill Spencer’s support if he decides to leave Los Angeles.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, January 17, 2024, reveals that Finn and Steffy Forrester Finnegan are holding each other.

Steffy squeezes her eyes shut tightly as she grips Finn’s shoulders.

Steffy says it feels good to be safe in Finn’s arms.

“SINN” talks about how life has been crazy.

Finn agrees but says tonight they are just going to focus on the good.

Finn and Steffy exchange compliments before falling into a passionate kiss.

Luna Nozawa and RJ Forrester are visiting Eric in the hospital.

Luna mentions how great Eric looks.

Although Eric appreciates the visits, he wants to be in his own bed.

Eric misses Donna Logan and is eager to get back to living his life.

A concerned RJ gently tells Eric there is no place he’d rather be than in that room.

Obviously, because Eric is there.

Eric jokes that as long as Luna stays by RJ’s side.

On the Wednesday, January 17 episode, Poppy goes to Forrester Creations to seek out Luna.

Poppy realizes Luna isn’t there, but her phone rings before leaving.

Poppy takes the call from Bill Spencer, who misses her.

Poppy says they’ve only had one date.

Bill jokes that’s why the situation needs to be corrected with another date.

Bill wants to see Poppy tonight.

Poppy was hoping to spend time with Luna.

So, Bill suggests they dine at Il Giardino’s tomorrow, to which Poppy happily agrees.,

The smile on Poppy’s face is quickly wiped off.

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A door slams and Poppy whirls around to face Li.

The good doctor demands to know why Poppy is at Forrester Creations.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, January 17 reveals that Wyatt goes to the beach house to meet Bill.

Wyatt and Bill hug, and then the young man shares an update.

Wyatt tells Bill that he needs a change and is thinking of leaving L.A.

Poppy informs Li that her daughter works at Forrester Creations, which is why she is there.

Li bites back it’s a “convenient” excuse.

Li makes it clear she doesn’t approve of Luna dating RJ.

Li brings up that Luna “just happens” to be dating Steffy’s brother.

Eric talks to RJ and Luna about sitting on the patio, sipping coffee, watching the view, and then drinking martinis.

RJ promises they’ll get Eric all stocked up by the time he’s released.

Luna’s phone goes off and she has to get back to the office.

RJ offers to go too, but Luna insists he stays with Eric.

Eric is so happy for RJ and Luna.

RJ talks about gratitude, including Eric being a walking miracle.

Steffy was so scared when she learned about Eric’s diagnosis.

Steffy couldn’t even talk about it, which she tells Finn was really hard.

Steffy says Finn gave them the gift of saving Eric’s life.

Finn announces he has good news about Eric.

Wyatt wants to know if Bill will support his decision to leave town.

Bill says he likes his kids close, but if Wyatt needs to do it, then he won’t stop him.

Wyatt thanks Bill for letting him live there and supporting him.

Wyatt and Bill talk about memories.

Wyatt is sad as he said he called this place home.

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Wyatt regains his composure and tells Bill he found a possible renter.

Then, Wyatt asks about Poppy.

Bill calls her beautiful and mysterious.

Poppy defends Luna by talking about her dream career.

Li says the minute Luna walked into Forrester Creations, she set her sights on RJ.

Like mother, like daughter.

Li references Bill as Poppy’s newest sugar daddy.

RJ wants to know if Eric is being treated well at the hospital.

Eric commends Finn, saying he’s a great doctor and a wonderful person.

But Eric never wants to see Finn again in a medical setting!

Finn says the entire medical team is impressed by Eric’s progress.

If all goes well, Eric is going home as soon as tomorrow.

Steffy jumps up and down.

She hugs Finn and cries happy tears.

Back to Li and Poppy, another bombshell is dropped.

Li already knew about Bill before Poppy said his name on the phone call.

Li calls Poppy and Luna both gold diggers.

Wyatt wants to know where Bill met Poppy.

Bill tells Wyatt at a music festival, which boggles the younger Spencer’s mind.

Bill tells Wyatt the story about the first time he saw Poppy.

Bill adds a few details from that night with Poppy, too!

Bill was really drawn to Poppy being so free and uninhibited.

Bill admits to Wyatt that Poppy left an impression on him that he’s never forgotten.

Poppy blasts Li for making a “villain” version of her.

Li hasn’t changed her mind about Poppy or Luna.

Li mocks Poppy and references her gold-digging romances.

Li thinks that Poppy is just looking for a lonely, rich sucker.

Li adds that she will not rest until both Poppy and Luna are gone.

After Li leaves, she nearly calls Bill but Luna walks in.

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Poppy tells Luna about Li’s gold digger accusation.

RJ tells Eric that he has come so far, but he needs to be patient.

Eric doesn’t want to be patient.

Eric wants to live.

Finn and Steffy interrupt the visit.

RJ warns “SINN” that Eric is getting restless.

Eric assumes he’s stuck in the hospital for a while.

However, Eric gets a happy shock when Finn tells him that he can be released tomorrow.

Wyatt asks how Bill felt when he saw Poppy after all those years.

Wyatt asks if Poppy recognized Bill.

Of course, Bill assumes everyone recognizes him!

Wyatt suggests that maybe Bill and Katie Logan didn’t work out because the right woman might be Poppy.

Poppy and Li vent about Li.

Poppy tells Luna that she has dated men with money but there has never been any targeting.

Poppy laughs as she imagines Li’s face when she learns that she was with Bill over 20 years ago.

Wednesday’s episode closed with Eric being so grateful to get released from the hospital.

Finn, Steffy, and RJ all surround Eric as they talk about their miracle.

Eric gushes about Finn being a hero.

Finn warns that Eric has gone through an emotional and difficult procedure.

Eric honestly didn’t think he’d make it this far.

Eric starts getting really excited thinking about feeling the oceanic breeze and the sun beating down on his face.

Eric is also anxious to get back to being surrounded by family at home.

Eric tells everyone how much he loves them.

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