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Days of our Lives Recap: Sparks Fly on Xander and Sarah’s Moving Day

The move-in moment between Xander Cook and Sarah was filled with passion. In the Days of our Lives recap, Xander and Sarah experienced an intense and heated moment as Sarah finally settled […]

The move-in moment between Xander Cook and Sarah was filled with passion.

Sarah widely grins at Xander as they each grip a side of a double handled cup. He wears a bucket hat.

In the Days of our Lives recap, Xander and Sarah experienced an intense and heated moment as Sarah finally settled into Xander’s place.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Steve and Kayla threw a dinner party that Everett crashed.

days of our lives johnson family dinner with everyone enjoying.

Wendy and Tripp introduced their fun Valentine’s Day fundraiser idea. Harris fought for Ava.

Meanwhile, Stefan tried to put an end to Harris and Ava in dramatic fashion. Let’s dig into the details of what went down.

Moving In Day

Sarah finally moved in with Xander. He looked all annoyed over Sarah’s many, many boxes (which included her sudden gnome collection), but he truly wasn’t.

Surrounded by stacked cardboard boxes in their apartment, Xander and Sarah share a passionate lip lock, wrapped in each other's arms.

He loved that Sarah and Victoria moved in with him. That way the two got to act super flirty with each other on a continual basis.

Later, the two hashed out what to do with their surplus of stuff — they agreed to downsize, minus Xander’s kilt trunk and Sarah’s Xander box.

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Those two things had to stay. Before the two headed to their rooms for the night, Xander grabbed Sarah’s arm.

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Instant sparks ignited and the two shared a heated kiss amongst the boxes.

Quickly, they brushed off their steamy kiss. They rationalized things because they didn’t move in together to get back together.

They moved in so they could both be close to Victoria, and that’s what they had to remember.

Awkward Dinner Party, Take Two

Another day, another attempt at a dinner party.

At a round table near the Johnsons' open kitchen, Kayla regards Everett across from her. Steve digs into his plate of food and Stephanie smiles, sitting between her father and Everett.

Thankfully, this one went more smoothly than Sloan and Eric’s. In fact, the group actually sat down and ate food. That’s progress.

Steve and Kayla threw a dinner party that included Stephanie, Tripp, and Wendy. Everett was a latecomer to the evening.

Steve instantly went on dad alert with the younger man, because he knew nothing about Stephanie’s relationship with him in Seattle.

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However, the evening wasn’t without its awkward moments, courtesy of Steve’s relentless interrogation tactics.

Steve seemed to zero in on Everett’s intentions. So he immediately wanted to know if Everett moved to Salem to be with his daughter.

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Tripp provided a reprieve to Steve’s intense questioning when he and Wendy brought up some sort of geocache scavenger hunt.

In other news, Steve gave Wendy his and Kayla’s official approval. He let her know they’re so happy she decided to stay in Salem.

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Demands and Dramatic Kisses

While Stefan told Gabi how much he missed her face during their brief call, Ava and Harris met secretly at the docks.

Harris wanted, no demanded, the truth from Ava. He could tell something was wrong.

After all, she gave up the Mafia Princess gig a long time ago. But Ava continued to lie to Harris’s face.

Turned to leave the loading dock, Ava looks down at Harris's hand gripping her forearm.

Harris tried everything to get Ava to open up. Unfortunately, she didn’t budge.

When Stefan interrupted their conversation on the docks, he dragged her back into The Bistro.

Harris followed, wanting Ava to come with him instead of staying with Stefan. He said he could protect her.

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A desperate Stefan did what he had to do to protect their secret. He grabbed Ava and kissed her, causing Harris to back off.

He was sickened over the fact that Stefan cheated on his incarcerated wife.

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When Ava insisted what she and Stefan had was something they couldn’t fight, Harris told them they deserved each other and walked out.

An angry Ava felt Stefan went over the top. But Stefan didn’t care because it got the job done.

After all, it was simply for show. Also, Ava needed to find a way to let that all go. Because Harris wasn’t her friend.

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Stefan reminded her that Harris had the power to bury them.

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