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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn and Hope play matchmakers – Could Deacon and Sheila team up as Cupids?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at the possibility of a new couple emerging – that is, if Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharpe seize a golden opportunity. The Bold and the […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at the possibility of a new couple emerging – that is, if Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharpe seize a golden opportunity.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know Deacon isn’t thrilled about Hope’s romantic involvement with Thomas Forrester.

Deacon understands Hope’s frustration with fickle Liam Spencer, but there are other men out there who are capable of being devoted to one woman at a time.

John “Finn” Finnegan is proof of that since he’s been nothing but devoted to Steffy Forrester throughout their marriage.

Deacon would no doubt prefer for Hope to be with a guy like Finn instead of someone shady like Thomas, who was previously obsessed with her.

Now that Xander Avant has offered up another reminder of Thomas’ horrible history, it could pave the way for Hope and Thomas’ breakup.

The Bold and the Beautiful is positioning Finn as someone who cares about Hope’s well-being and wants to protect her.

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That could score Finn some points with Hope’s father and perhaps get Deacon on board with a potential new scheme.

Sheila views Steffy as someone who’s always going to block her path to bonding with Finn.

If Sheila ever hopes to form a real connection with her son, she needs to get Steffy out of Finn’s life.

However, Sheila obviously can’t do something extreme like she did in the alley that night.

If Sheila wants to eliminate Steffy, she needs to be thinking about divorce – not plotting her daughter-in-law’s grim fate.

Sheila and Deacon have a shocking storyline coming up in 2024 that’s sure to catch plenty of fans off guard.

Could Sheila convince Deacon to team up on a matchmaker plot that’ll push Hope into Finn’s arms?

From Sheila’s perspective, it’d be a win any way you slice it.

Hope would get a good man who’s capable of loyalty without all Thomas’ baggage, so she could probably sell Deacon on that idea.

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Since Hope is known for having a forgiving heart, Sheila might also hope she can be accepted as the woman in Deacon’s life.

Once that happens, Sheila may count on Hope to get through to Finn and convince him to open his heart to his birth mother.

It’s easy to imagine Sheila roping Deacon into this scheme and insisting they can all be the perfect happy family together.

As part of an elaborate plan, Deacon and Sheila might do their part to send Steffy back in Liam Spencer’s direction.

Sheila might hope for a “Sinn” divorce so that Finn and Hope can pursue a future together, which would free her from Thomas’ grasp and please Deacon, too.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Deacon and Sheila could have some matchmaking tricks in store, so stick with us for updates on any sneaky news that might be brewing.

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