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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric confesses, Ridge regrets, and Poppy takes the stage with her dance

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, January 18 discloses Eric Forrester being discharged from the hospital. However, Eric’s reflections on the other side leave Ridge Forrester questioning his decisions. Additionally, […]

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, January 18 discloses Eric Forrester being discharged from the hospital.

However, Eric’s reflections on the other side leave Ridge Forrester questioning his decisions.

Additionally, Bill Spencer convinces Poppy Nozawa to dance in front of other restaurant patrons.

Donna Logan hands signed paperwork to a nurse.

Donna is excited and Eric is ready to go home.

Eric thanks John “Finn” Finnegan and the nurse for taking such good care of him.

Eric tells Finn he doesn’t know how to thank him.

Donna feels the same way.

Ridge thought it was the end for Eric just a few weeks ago.

Ridge and Brooke Logan talk about what would have happened if Eric didn’t have the procedure.

Sheila Carter gives Deacon Sharpe a bar order for a customer.

Deacon didn’t expect the restaurant to be so busy.

Sheila gushes about the best pizza in town.

Deacon adds that Il Giardino’s has the best waitress in town.

Deacon greets Bill and Poppy.

Deacon seats them at a table and tells them both that they are in luck, Sheila will be their server.

Bill makes a snarky comment about it being bad luck.

Bill is glad that Poppy came.

Bill hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Poppy.

Deacon and Sheila make jokes about Bill’s credit cards being declined.

Sheila goes to Bill and Poppy’s table.

Sheila welcomes Bill back to the restaurant and introduces herself to Poppy.

Bill is rude. Bill keeps talking about what a crappy waitress Sheila is.

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Poppy is not impressed with this side of Bill, that is clear.

Poppy glares at Bill after Sheila leaves.

Bill explains that he’s usually not rude to servers.

However, Bill says that Sheila the waitress is the same Sheila who tried to murder Poppy’s sister, Li Finnegan.

Ridge feels guilty about Eric.

Brooke assures Ridge that Eric fought to stay here.

If Eric really wanted to be on the other side, he wouldn’t have come back.

Ridge gets what Brooke is saying, but is still in turmoil.

Donna is anxious to get Eric home.

Finn says get out of here before I change my mind.

Finn reminds Eric that he did all the hard work to get better.

Eric confesses it was the hardest thing he’s ever gone through.

Eric knows he died… he will never forget what happened on the other side.

Poppy is furious over Sheila trying to kill Li.

Even though the sisters are feuding, Poppy loves Li.

Bill remembers Poppy having a feisty side.

Sounds like Poppy might have a temper like Li.

Bill talks about having a fun date visiting Sheila in prison.

Bill managed to get back on Poppy’s good side.

Donna texts Brooke to say Eric is on the way home.

Carter Walton stopped by to welcome Eric home.

Eric walks in slowly. Brooke greets an emotional Eric first.

Then, Carter welcomes Eric home.

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Finally, it is Ridge’s turn.

Eric talks about how grateful he is to be home.

Sheila and Deacon talk about Poppy some more.

Sheila says Bill isn’t who he seems.

Both think Poppy has no idea what she’s in for with Bill.

It seems a lot of people are making that assumption.

At the table, Poppy pops a pill.

Bill notices and asks if she’s nervous.

Bill brings up Poppy taking “another” pill.

Poppy asks if she should be nervous.

Bill has big plans for their future.

Eric looks at his portrait.

Eric goes closer and looks at the photos of his family.

Eric wasn’t sure if he would ever see his house again.

Brooke says they weren’t sure either but glad he’s back.

Carter says Eric’s like a father to him.

Carter gives a speech about Eric opening up his home and family to him.

Carter gets emotional.

Poppy talks about how she’s aged, she can’t be just like before.

Bill showers her with compliments, then recalls her smiling as she danced in the moonlight.

Bill plays the same song that she danced to all those years ago.

Bill plays it at the table at the restaurant.

Bill dares her to dance to the music in front of everyone at the restaurant.

Poppy gets up and starts dancing as everyone watches, including Deacon and Sheila.

Bill stands up and says she’s really something.

She says she’s been told.

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Bill is so smitten. Bill showers her with more compliments.

Donna talks to Eric about how much he means to her.

Brooke says Carter said it best, none of them were ready to lose him.

Brooke talks about spending more time with Eric.

Ridge wants that too.

Ridge tells Eric about him crossing over to the other side.

Eric admits that he was scared like everyone else, too.

Then, he crossed over and saw the light.

Eric talks about hearing the light and seeing the music in the afterlife.

Eric says it was coming through him, then he saw Stephanie Forrester.

Stephanie was waiting for him.

Eric was relieved of his negative emotions and his body felt fine.

Eric said he was free of all things, and it was the perfect exit.

Ridge tries to stop Eric, but Eric wants to finish his thought.

Eric says there is nothing to be afraid of, it’s wonderful on the other side.

It’s beautiful, full of love and light.

Eric was ready to go… but now he’s back here.

Ridge thinks he let Eric down.

Ridge asks Eric if he made the wrong decision by saving his life.

Ridge wants to know if Eric would have rather stayed on the other side.

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