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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bare Proposal, Partial Confession

In the latest “Days of Our Lives” recap, Johnny and Chanel share an intimate moment while facing life’s challenges. Wendy wakes up to Tripp’s flirtations, and Ava’s drunken presence raises questions. Rafe […]

In the latest “Days of Our Lives” recap, Johnny and Chanel share an intimate moment while facing life’s challenges.

Wendy wakes up to Tripp’s flirtations, and Ava’s drunken presence raises questions.

Rafe discovers street drugs, and Harris is frustrated with a Bistro search.

Rafe casts a dubious look at Harris across the interrogation room table.

Brady rushes to find Theresa, and Johnny contemplates proposing to Chanel again.

The night unfolds with family news for Wendy, suspicions about Ava’s involvement, and concerns about Theresa’s disappearance.

Tripp challenges Ava for the truth, adding to the unfolding drama.

Rafe, Jada, and Harris go through police files. Harris wants to know how they knew the cops were coming.

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Rafe signed off personally on every cop involved in the raid. Something isn’t right. Jada thinks they might have a dirty cop.

Brady and Alex talk about Theresa. Brady is afraid that Theresa finally cracked under all the pressure and relapsed.

Alex says Theresa blames herself for everything Tate Black is going through.

Brady says that’s why they need to find her. Brady warns Alex that Theresa might hate them both, but at least she’ll be safe.

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Johnny admits their anniversary was supposed to be centered around a marriage proposal.

Shirtless and grinning in bed, Johnny leans against his wooden headboard, facing Chanel.

However, Paulina had her health crisis, and then there was Holly Jonas’ overdose. Then, it never seemed to be the right time.

Johnny doesn’t want to wait any longer and envisions a big wedding with everyone in town attending.

Chanel, considering Holly’s coma, suggests a small ceremony. Johnny jokes about having a big, fat, SMALL wedding. Chanel laughs and agrees to marry him.

Wendy gets off the phone and looks at the foot of the bed. Lifting up a blanket, Wendy finds a Jenga block.

With crossed arms, Tripp glowers at Ava in their apartment. Next to him and wearing a robe, Wendy casts a wary expression.

Wendy flashes back to playing Jenga with Tripp. When the tower fell, the piece flew everywhere. Wendy smiles to herself.

Ava tells Tripp to go back to bed. Tripp says no. Wendy comes out and covers up, not realizing Ava was there. Ava and Tripp continue bickering.

Wendy looks uncomfortable, so she says she’ll just go back to bed. Ava says that’s a good idea, why don’t both of you go back to bed. Tripp tells Wendy to stay as she needs to hear this.

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Tripp talks about the raid. Ava insists that nothing was found. Tripp says Wendy knows how worried he is about Ava and why they didn’t go to China.

Ava softly says that was a mistake. Ava adds that she can handle this. That’s when Tripp says, “So, there IS something to handle then…”

Rafe doesn’t want to think about a dirty cop. Nothing makes his blood boil more.

Jada has to go deal with records. While Jada is gone, Harris tells Rafe that he could feel the smugness oozing from Stefan’s pores.

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Harris adds that when Stefan came out, Ava clammed up. Rafe suggests questioning everything Ava says to Harris. Rafe warns that Ava can’t be trusted.

Alex tells Brady that Theresa’s phone was last pinged at the apartment. Brady thinks Theresa shut her phone off before leaving.

Brady has an idea of where to start looking. Brady calls Jada and asks for help off the record. Brady explains Theresa’s situation and asks Jada to look at her credit cards.

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Jada says she needs a search warrant. Brady is desperate. Jada says she could look into it if Brady is calling in a tip about Theresa’s financials possibly being connected to Holly’s overdose case.

Brady takes a deep breath and says yes. Brady knows this could bite them later on.

Chanel wants a formal proposal. Johnny says if he did propose, what would be a good date to get married?

Johnny grabs the calendar, and they agree on Valentine’s Day. But wait, Johnny still hasn’t officially proposed yet! Johnny gets up to grab Chanel a midnight snack.

In his bedroom, Johnny bends on one knee in front of Chanel. Shirtless, he wears a tie around his neck and sweatpants. She wears a blue denim button up over a frilly negligee. She holds a rose as they coyly grin at each other.

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