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Days of Our Lives Recap: Konstantin and Steve Clash Over The Pawn’s Identity

Steve Johnson skillfully guarded the secret identity of The Pawn in the Days of our Lives recap on Friday, January 19, 2024. A confrontation unfolded between Steve and Konstantin outside The Pub […]

Steve Johnson skillfully guarded the secret identity of The Pawn in the Days of our Lives recap on Friday, January 19, 2024.

A confrontation unfolded between Steve and Konstantin outside The Pub as they debated The Pawn’s identity.

Outside the Pub, Steve pensively stares off. Behind him, Konstantin makes a pointed comment.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Nicole bid goodbye to EJ, Eric, and Maggie and headed to an Italian hospital with Holly.

Brady and Theresa experienced a close moment that Alex witnessed.

With a raised brow, Alex puffs his chest to a glowering Brady. In the distance, Theresa sits on the couch, fixating on rosary beads.

And an angry Kate lashed out at Harris over Lucas’s recent injuries. Now let’s dig into the details of what went down.

Arrivederci, Ciao, Goodbye

At the hospital, Eric prayed at Holly’s bedside when Maggie walked in and joined him.

They couldn’t help but talk about all the ways that drugs and alcohol affected — not only their lives — but Holly’s, too.

At the hospital, Maggie and Eric somberly gaze down at Holly, who is hooked up to a breathing tube.

The list included Maggie’s daughter, Summer, as well as her son, Daniel.

Maggie said she was somehow able to find it in her heart to forgive Eric and he was forever grateful.

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Plus, Maggie pointed out how Eric was the one who was Holly’s father the longest, even longer than EJ.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole packed up the last of Holly’s things. She braced herself for taking Holly to Italy.

In Holly's hospital room, EJ puts a hand on the comatose teen's head. Standing next to him, an emotional Nicole rests a hand on his arm.

Also, she expressed her gratitude to EJ for getting Holly into that hospital where she could be treated.

She understood why he had to stay behind. But he let her know that if she needed him, he’d get on a plane in a second.

Later, at the hospital, Maggie, Eric, and EJ said their goodbyes to both Holly and Nicole. Before they could leave, EJ swore to Holly he’d get her justice.

Hazy Shade of Winter

Brady and Alex finally got Theresa home. Clearly, she was still in a rough state because they had to prevent her from leaving to get high all over again.

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Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep her from lashing out at the men in her life — she blamed Eric for not talking to Nicole.

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Then Alex for not getting a lawyer who could take care of the situation.

And, finally, Brady for stupidly covering for Tate. Her rant ended with her being careless with Grandma Caroline’s rosary.

While getting food for Theresa, Alex ran into Maggie. He told her about Theresa’s relapse and how worried he was.

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The two actually had a nice moment, where they were able to communicate without yelling.

And Maggie advised Alex on how to handle things with Theresa and not be judgmental at all.

As for Theresa, her more lucid self instantly regretted her relapse. Not to mention all her other terrible actions including icing Xander out of Victor’s inheritance in favor of Alex.

Prison Blues

At the prison, Harris found out Lucas had been injured, infuriating Kate.

In the prison infirmary, Lucas wears a hospital gown and a nasal oxygen tube. A gash extends down his forehead to his bruised eye. More bruises pepper his face.

She blamed the cop, who tried to get Lucas released — unsuccessfully — based on the intel Lucas already provided.

Unfortunately, the judge didn’t go for it because even though the information was valid and did result in two successful raids, it didn’t lead them to the source.

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Greek Memories

Konstantin ran into Steve outside The Pub and took the opportunity to drop the word “Aria” on the conversation multiple times just to get a rise out of Steve.

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Konstantin couldn’t understand why Steve tried his best not to look affected by Aria or why he wouldn’t talk about ever visiting there.

So Konstantin took another shot at Steve. This time, he asked if he knew anything about The Pawn. That earned a bit of a reaction, but then Steve covered once again.

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