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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lucas Beaten, Clyde and Harris Face Off – Holly Exits

On Friday, January 19, in Days of Our Lives, Konstantin Melounis confronted Steve Johnson, while Holly Jonas was transferred to Rome. Clyde Weston surprised Harris Michaels, and Theresa Donovan and Brady Black […]

On Friday, January 19, in Days of Our Lives, Konstantin Melounis confronted Steve Johnson, while Holly Jonas was transferred to Rome.

Clyde Weston surprised Harris Michaels, and Theresa Donovan and Brady Black bonded as Alex Kiriakis sought support from Maggie Horton Kiriakis.

Theresa and Brady kiss.

Eric Brady prayed by Holly’s hospital bed, and Nicole Walker-DiMera packed Holly’s belongings.

In the prison infirmary, Lucas Horton was badly beaten, leading to blame on Harris from Kate Roberts Brady.

Maggie, reflecting on her devotion to sobriety, said goodbye to Holly, sharing a moment with Eric.

In Friday’s Days of Our Lives recap, EJ visits Holly’s room, Nicole clings to the teddy bear, and Theresa, in a belligerent state, causes a commotion.

In Holly's hospital room, EJ puts a hand on the comatose teen's head. Standing next to him, an emotional Nicole rests a hand on his arm.

Harris attempts to explain to Kate, and Lucas recounts being attacked in the prison yard.

Meanwhile, Nicole and EJ plan Holly’s transfer to Rome, and Brady and Alex help Theresa after she breaks her grandmother’s rosary.

Alex suggests giving Theresa something stronger to get her to relax a bit. Brady tells Alex that is a very bad idea. Alex doesn’t know what to do. Brady suggests that Alex leave, even though it’s Alex’s apartment.

Steve tells Konstantin to go back to Greece. Konstantin thinks Steve is feeling guilty. Steve walks away, but freezes when Konstantin mentions The Pawn.

Outside the Pub, Steve pensively stares off. Behind him, Konstantin makes a pointed comment.

Steve turns around and claims chess isn’t his game.

Konstantin explains that years ago, Victor Kiriakis won a match, and his coveted prize was The Pawn.

Konstantin adds that The Pawn was a man of mystery who played an important role in Victor’s life and by extension, Konstantin’s life.

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Nicole says that everything that used to matter so much doesn’t really mean much anymore.

Holly’s overdose has really put things in perspective for a lot of people, Nicole included.

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Kate thought Lucas getting out of prison would be worth the risk. Kate says that Harris promised that Lucas would be kept safe.

Kate calls Harris a liar. Kate brings up that Lucas still has a target on his back. Kate demands Harris get Lucas out of prison now. Harris leaves to make a phone call.

Alex reminds Brady that this is his apartment. Alex adds that Theresa is his girlfriend. Brady apologizes, then says Theresa is comfortable being her worst self in front of him.

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However, Brady thinks Theresa is getting agitated because of Alex. Brady explains that Theresa likes Alex, so she feels embarrassed, and that is actually making her so agitated. Brady suggests that Alex leave to get donuts and coffee for Theresa.

Brady tells Alex to also pick up some dark chocolate. Alex leaves while Theresa is stumbling around. Theresa starts to fall, and Brady catches her in his arms.

Eric asks Nicole to keep him updated about Holly. Nicole tells Eric to enjoy his baby boy. EJ asks Eric to give him and Nicole some alone time with Holly. EJ promises to get justice done in Holly’s name.

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Harris comes back. Harris spoke to the governor state’s attorney, and Lucas can’t be released yet. Lucas has to meet the terms, which include providing evidence that can be used in court.

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Basically, Lucas didn’t get them enough good information. The raids didn’t lead to a source. Harris promises that he will do whatever is necessary to get Lucas out of prison.

Maggie sees Alex and says good morning but keeps walking. Alex asks Maggie to stop. Maggie doesn’t have the strength to deal with anything right now. Alex says it’s about Theresa, and she’s in trouble.

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Theresa finally snaps out of her high and realizes what happened. Theresa looks at Brady and begs him to tell her it was just a bad dream.

Theresa and Brady talk about her caving after several years of sobriety. Theresa doesn’t understand.

Brady talks Theresa up and reminds her that she’s come a long way. That is when Theresa slips and mentions doing “horrible things recently.”

Steve wants to know if The Pawn played such an important role in Konstantin’s life, then how can he not know who the man’s identity?

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Konstantin said it was just a name until he saw his eyes… he will never forget those eyes. Konstantin insists that Steve knows who the Pawn is.

Steve tries to walk away, but Konstantin yells that he needs to know.

Harris promises to fix this for Kate. A guard walks in, and there is a visitor there to see Harris.

The detective wants to know who it is and how they knew he was there. The guard said the man just said he needed to talk to Harris. Before leaving, Harris promises to find a way to get Lucas out.

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In the prison infirmary, Lucas wears a hospital gown and a nasal oxygen tube. A gash extends down his forehead to his bruised eye. More bruises pepper his face.

Maggie asks where Theresa is now. Alex says she’s with Brady. Alex tells Maggie everything that happened so far.

Alex brings up Brady suggesting he’s agitating Theresa even further. Maggie says Brady is right, caffeine and sugar will help.

Maggie is proud of Alex for including Brady. Not only does Brady know Theresa very well, but he’s a recovering addict too. Maggie says Alex did the right thing.

Alex asks what happens after Theresa is back to normal and Brady is gone, what does he say to her?

Maggie suggests encouraging her to go to meetings. Maggie adds that Alex should be kind and not judgmental. Alex adds that he’s not going to drink around Theresa anymore.

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Maggie said that in the first few weeks that would be helpful, but addicts eventually have to get used to people drinking around them.

Still, Alex wants to abstain from alcohol for a while. Maggie said Alex can call her if he needs anything.

Brady wants to know what Theresa is talking about. What recent horrible things? Theresa says she’s a failure. Brady says it was ONE slip.

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