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Days of our Lives Recap: Harris Realizes How Dangerous Clyde Truly Is

Clyde Weston didn’t seem to hide his role as puppet master to the Salem drug crisis. In the Days of our Lives recap, Clyde and Harris’s face-to-face included menacing threats and harmful […]

Clyde Weston didn’t seem to hide his role as puppet master to the Salem drug crisis.

In the Days of our Lives recap, Clyde and Harris’s face-to-face included menacing threats and harmful hypotheticals.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

The Trouble with Konstantin Marlena realized John’s having issues sleeping.

First, he slept on the couch so his restlessness wouldn’t bother her. And second, when she approached him, he immediately sprung up in defense mode.

Holding Marlena's chin, John kisses her while sitting on the couch.

John looked real rough and attributed his sleeplessness and restlessness to thinking about Brady and Tate. Not the other thing that bothered him.

At The Pub, Maggie questioned Steve’s overprotective act while Konstantin played dumb as to his intentions with Maggie.

She wanted Steve to give Konstantin the benefit of the doubt.

Days of Our Lives: Steve Warning to Konstantin - John Joins Investigation  into Maggie Safety | Carol Cassada | NewsBreak Original

She claimed Victor’s old friend had changed his scoundrel ways and told Steve that she and Konstantin were none of his business.

Alone with Konstantin, Maggie wondered if Salem was the best place for him. Maybe he needed to leave town due to this intense harassment.

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Of course, this wasn’t what Konstantin wanted to hear. As a matter of fact, he liked Salem and he was not about to leave because of John and Steve.

Facing Steve, a confused looking John brings a hand to his scrunched forehead.

Dopesick Discussion

At the prison, Clyde and Harris finally went head-to-head. At first, Clyde dealt in hypotheticals. He tried to suss out whether Harris would be a candidate to help out the drug trade.

They continued taunting and threatening each other. Clyde even brought up Lucas, saying what happened to him was because he wanted to send a message outside these walls.

And that message worked because Harris sat before him right now.

Clyde suggested Harris turn his attention elsewhere. Harris played up his lone wolf act.

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That he had nothing to lose. He didn’t have family, all he had was time to bring down this drug trade.

That’s when Clyde threatened harm to the one person Harris cared about. Now, Ava’s name never came up but it sure was implied.

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Ultimately, she needed to know if he trusted her. Because if he didn’t, she would move out.

Go back to California and be with her mom and get herself better until she could see Tate again.

More Days of our Lives Drama

Marlena ran into Eric and Jude. Eric apologized for what happened at the disastrous dinner party and then, over coffee, Marlena inquired about Sloan’s drinking.

With Jude's stroller next to him, Eric sits at a table in the Square with Marlena.

Eric assured his mom that he had never seen Sloan drunk like this before.

Actually, Sloan was intimidated by Marlena and the situation so she had too much to drink.

Understanding woman that she was, Marlena hoped he would tell Sloan she had nothing to be embarrassed about. Sloan was family.

Inside The Pub, Brady and Maggie talked about Theresa. Maggie came up with a plan and it didn’t involve Brady’s suggestion that Theresa move in with him, John, and Marlena.

In attack mode, John gravely juts an arm out at a tense Marlena.

Maggie worried about Brady’s own sobriety while he was helping Theresa, so she quickly shut down that idea.

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The Pawn Thoughts John opened up to Steve about his nightmares knowing that they can’t mean anything good.

Steve revealed he had another run-in with Konstantin, but Maggie wasn’t having it. She was buying Konstantin’s baloney.

John suggested they needed to back off for a bit and take another angle with Konstantin. Both he and Steve looked worried when they were each alone.

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Meanwhile, talking to himself, Konstantin menacingly brought up The Pawn again, as he held up the card.

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