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Days of Our Lives Recap: Theresa Considers Move – John’s Nightmares Bring a Scare

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Monday, January 22, recounts that John Black had a near-physical encounter with Marlena Evans when she startled him awake on the sofa. Despite John’s ongoing […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Monday, January 22, recounts that John Black had a near-physical encounter with Marlena Evans when she startled him awake on the sofa.

In attack mode, John gravely juts an arm out at a tense Marlena.

Despite John’s ongoing sleep troubles, he downplayed his issues and sent Marlena off to work.

Outside the pub, Steve Johnson attempted to persuade Maggie Kiriakis that Konstantin Meleounis was exploiting her.

But Maggie dismissed the warnings, much like she had done with Victor Kiriakis in the past.

In private, Maggie suggested to Konstantin that Salem might not be the best place for him due to the skepticism from others.

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Despite Konstantin’s initial upset over the idea of leaving, Maggie reassured him that she didn’t want him to go, as he had grown fond of the town.

Back at the townhouse, Steve found John looking rough and admitted to having nightmares.

Facing Steve, a confused looking John brings a hand to his scrunched forehead.

John, unable to recall the details, surprised Steve with a suggestion to back off Konstantin.

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John argued that pushing too hard might allow Konstantin to play the victim, proposing that giving him some space could lead to his own downfall.

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Later, Theresa Donovan tried to explain her impulsive kiss with Brady Black to Alex Kiriakis, taking full blame and attributing it to the influence of drugs.

Theresa assured Alex that he was the only one she wanted and apologized for her moment of weakness.

Meanwhile, Brady considered having Theresa move into the townhouse to keep an eye on her, but Maggie thought it was a risky plan that could jeopardize Brady’s sobriety.

Theresa, feeling guilty, suggested moving back to California to get herself together before reuniting with her son, Tate.

In Konstantin’s room, he reflected on an old card with a design, expressing surprise at encountering “The Pawn” again.

Steve, contemplating Konstantin’s hinted revelation, wondered if there might be truth in what Konstantin suggested.

Marlena encountered Eric Brady, who apologized for Sloan Petersen-Brady’s drunken behavior.

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With Jude's stroller next to him, Eric sits at a table in the Square with Marlena.

Eric shared updates on his photography business and the challenges of the holiday season with a new baby.

At Statesville, Clyde Weston played mind games with Harris Michaels, hinting at his involvement in the drug ring.

Clyde suggested hypothetical scenarios involving Harris, eventually directing him to focus on other matters.

Clyde insinuated that harming someone Harris cared about would be his own fault.

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The episode hinted at potential upcoming chaos orchestrated by Clyde, keeping the suspense alive for Days of Our Lives fans.

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