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Days of our Lives Recap: Sarah Vows To Help Paulina Navigate Her Cancer Journey

Paulina Price will have Sarah as support but not as her official doctor. In the Days of our Lives recap, Paulina found out her diagnosis, which caused her to worry about the […]

Paulina Price will have Sarah as support but not as her official doctor.

In the nurses hub, Sarah earnestly regards a downcast Chanel.

In the Days of our Lives recap, Paulina found out her diagnosis, which caused her to worry about the treatment.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Chanel and Abe supported Paulina at the hospital. The Spectator was the site for conflict among the employees.

Abe, Chanel and Paulina somberly walk toward the hospital lobby.

Stefan and Ava recruited Stephanie to help save The Bistro from a bout of bad publicity.

Finally, Chad made a bad decision in order to help protect his brother’s reputation. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

The Diagnosis

At the hospital, Paulina waited for her test results. Unfortunately, Paulina’s diagnosis was exactly as she feared: cancer.

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Interestingly, she expressed that now she knew the diagnosis and can put a name to all the symptoms she’s been experiencing, she felt more hopeful and stronger.

On top of that, she was grateful to have Abe and Chanel by her side.

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A Furious Colin Takes Aim At Paulina and Abe Carver

The Support

After calling Johnny and requesting to see him, a worried Chanel asked Sarah to talk to Paulina about what she’s facing.

Later, Sarah explained everything that Paulina would have to go through for thyroid cancer, including surgery.

But the upshot was that it was a very treatable, curable cancer with the five-year survival rate being over 90%.

In the nurses hub, Sarah earnestly regards a downcast Chanel.

Paulina loved those odds. She also loved Sarah’s bedside manner, so to speak, and so Paulina asked Sarah to be her doctor.

Obviously, Sarah would love to be her doctor but advised Paulina should stick with a specialist, an endocrinologist. But she did offer her help anytime she wanted.

Bad Publicity for The Bistro

At The Bistro, Ava and Stefan were frustrated that this busted raid affected their business.

Stephanie sits across a Bistro table from Ava and Stefan.

The lunch crowd was minimal so they enlisted Stephanie and her PR knowledge to help them deal with the bad publicity.

Subsequently, she laid out options for Ava and Stefan, including potentially turning to The Spectator.

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Since Stephanie and Stefan have allies there, they decided to get help from them.

After Stefan agreed to go talk to Chad about all of this, he started to walk out but then thought better, went back and (fake) kissed Ava in front of Stephanie, and then left the building.

The Spectator Drama

At The Spectator, Chad and Everett discussed Stefan’s possible involvement in the drug dealing going on.

After all, there was a raid on his restaurant that totally went bust.

Everett questioned whether they knew there was going to be a raid, but customers who were there said Ava and Stefan were shocked to see the police.

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When Xander dropped by The Spectator offices with Victoria in tow, he, Chad, and Everett quickly got into a war of words over the finances, needless expenditures, and all.

Later, when Leo joined the group, he basked in the praise he received for his MLK Jr. Day article.

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Later, Stefan joined the testosterone-filled room wanting a moment alone with his brother. Stefan tried to appeal to his brother’s DiMera side.

He also mentioned the time Chad was vilified when everybody thought he was the Necktie Killer. He hoped that would sway Chad to empathize with him.

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Chad’s response was to tell Everett to kill any mention of The Bistro in his drug exposé.

Outraged, Everett brought up the ridiculousness of the request.

But Chad turned the moment into a dictatorship of sorts, saying he called the shots. And demanded Xander stay in his lane.

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