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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Audra pitches a secret to Nate, Daniel slows things down with Heather

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, January 25, portrays Summer Newman in high spirits as she reviews Chelsea Lawson’s recent Marchetti fashions, prompting Chelsea to suspect potential romantic developments. Summer […]

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, January 25, portrays Summer Newman in high spirits as she reviews Chelsea Lawson’s recent Marchetti fashions, prompting Chelsea to suspect potential romantic developments.

Summer will hint about things progressing with Chance Chancellor, though she’ll clarify that she wasn’t to blame for his split from Sharon Rosales.

After Summer says she’s meeting Chance for lunch, Chelsea will note that she’s meeting Billy Abbott too and will suggest that they should head over to Chancellor-Winters together.

At the Chancellor-Winters office, Chance will confess that he was wrong about Billy and that he’s actually been a great mentor during this transition period.

Billy will praise Chance as a quick study and pick up on Chance’s hint about his life heading in new directions.

Once Billy quizzes Chance about his love life, Chelsea and Summer will show up.

The four of them will agree to have lunch together, so they’ll head to the GCAC and grab a table there.

Chance and Summer will flirt as they prepare to order, so Billy will seem surprised over them obviously being into each other.

Chance will also get Summer’s advice on some work-related things based on her experience with making Marchetti part of Jabot.

After lunch wraps up, Summer and Chance will privately admit they could’ve used more alone time.

Chance will suggest a proper dinner date soon, so Summer will be pleased.

Back with Billy, he’ll talk to Chelsea about how he didn’t expect Chance and Summer’s romantic connection.

Although Billy was hoping Summer and Kyle Abbott could put their family back together, he won’t be opposed to Summer dating Chance.

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The stability of Chance’s love life could be a good thing for his career, so Billy will support that.

Billy will also point out that Chance seems to look up to him, so he’ll admit to Chelsea that it’s nice.

When Nate Hastings finds Audra Charles alone in the athletic club’s dining room, she’ll snap at him before apologizing.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Nate will join Audra, who’ll offer updates on her Jabot takeover with Tucker McCall going up in smoke.

After Nate acts like Audra should’ve known better than to trust Tucker, she’ll urge him to spare the lecture.

Audra will think Tucker’s plan was solid, but he let his obsession with Ashley Abbott get in the way.

Audra will also admit she might’ve overshared with Nikki Newman about her father’s alcoholism.

It’ll leave Audra worried that Nikki’s going to keep her at a distance because she can see the warning signs.

Audra will think it was a mistake to share something so personal, so Nate will see how badly her dad’s alcoholism traumatized her.

Although Audra will feel like she might’ve sabotaged her career at Newman Media, she’ll act like there’s no room for advancement there anyway.

Audra will have a plan of her own in the works, but she won’t want to discuss it around too many eyes and ears.

After Audra asks Nate to come up to her suite and hear her pitch, he’ll go upstairs with her.

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In Audra’s room, she’ll confess that she wants to spin things around on Tucker and take control of Glacade.

Audra will want Nate to help her, but he’ll wonder why he would rock the boat when he finally scored another chance with his family.

Once Audra points out Nate will never be captain of the ship, she’ll run down the list of all the people who have more of a say at Chancellor-Winters than he does.

Audra will argue that Nate would be her equal and could work alongside her, so she’ll push him to admit the idea has potential.

It’ll lead to a charged moment as Audra moves in close and gazes into Nate’s eyes.

At Society, Devon Hamilton-Winters will wonder if Abby Newman-Abbott is also picking on the more-than-friendly vibe between Heather Stevens and Daniel Romalotti Jr.

Abby will admit he’s not alone in thinking that since she’s witnessed it before – and she’ll get why Devon is feeling protective of Lily Winters.

That said, Abby will basically suggest it’s none of their business and urge Devon not to get involved in the situation.

Over with Daniel, he’ll agree to try again with Heather, but he’ll think he has to tell Lily before anything else happens.

Heather will touch Daniel’s hand, so Daniel will look over at Devon and realize he’d better talk to him about the vibes Devon’s obviously picking up.

After Daniel asks if they can talk privately, he’ll step aside with Devon and acknowledge that he’s in the process of rekindling things with Heather.

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Devon will be torn between appreciating Daniel’s honesty and wanting to hit Daniel for cheating on Lily, but he’ll admit the latter strategy hasn’t worked out well for him in the past.

Daniel will assure Devon that he plans to tell Lily the truth himself and will plan to fly out to California to explain.

However, Daniel will wonder where Lily’s head is at when it comes to all Mattie Ashby stuff that she’s been tackling.

Devon will note that Lily’s focused on helping Mattie deal with her loss, so Daniel will realize he’d better wait and not dump additional drama on her just yet.

Back with Abby, she’ll suggest Heather could use a better poker face before acknowledging what’s happening between Heather and Daniel.

Abby will understand being drawn to someone due shared history, but she’ll warn that it’s wrong to take advantage of that history at someone else’s expense.

Once Daniel reconvenes with Heather, he’ll tell her that he came clean to Devon.

Daniel will also mention the delay in delivering the reunion news to Lily, so Heather will wonder what that means for them.

Daniel will think they’d better press pause, but The Young and the Restless spoilers say more trouble’s brewing!

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