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Days of our Lives Recap: Kristen admits love for Brady in heated clash

Brady Black didn’t share the same sentiments. In the Days of our Lives recap Kristen and Brady clashed over Rachel, with Kristen confessing her lingering love for Brady. Days of our Lives […]

Brady Black didn’t share the same sentiments.

In the Days of our Lives recap Kristen and Brady clashed over Rachel, with Kristen confessing her lingering love for Brady.

Brady sits across from Kristen and Rachel in the Square.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Alex tried to talk Theresa out of leaving Salem. Before Leo’s photo shoot with Eric, the Lady Whistleblower taunted Sloan.

Also, Jada, Rafe, and Harris updated each other on their fight against Salem’s drug epidemic. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

In the police department squad room, Rafe peers suspiciously at Jada, who stares off guiltily.

Visitation Frustration

In Horton Town Square, Brady met up with Kristen and Rachel for a supervised visit and a movie.

Leo happened upon the trio at their table. He expressed happiness over them getting back together.

Of course, Rachel quickly corrected Leo. She told him her parents weren’t together and she didn’t want them together ever.

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When Brady asked Rachel about not wanting her parents to get back together, she talked about how she didn’t like them fighting all the time.

Understanding her reason, he just wanted her to know that, for him, it was all about spending more time with her.

Weirdly, Rachel was okay with the occasional visit, which caused him to privately accuse Kristen of turning Rachel against him, something Kristen denied.

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In fact, Kristen claimed not to understand why Brady was so angry when talking to her.

Love and Rejection

Later, Kristen tried to suss out whether Brady and Theresa were reconnecting, but Brady shut down that thought.

He and Theresa weren’t getting back together soon, just like he and Kristen were never getting back together.

Kristen didn’t take too kindly to the never getting back together part. He brought up her having tricked him into having a baby with her.

Kristen just wanted Brady to let all of that go, all of the ugly parts of their past, for Rachel’s sake.

Sitting at a table in the Square, Kristen glares openmouthed at Brady.

Because she still loved Brady. Brady let Kristen know what he’s looking for in a woman, and that woman wasn’t her.

Red-Eye or Bust?

Alex spotted Theresa packing for California and pleaded his case for her to stay in Salem.

She felt she needed to get away from the things that led to her relapse. But Alex insisted that running 2,000 miles away wasn’t the cure she thought it would be.

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Wearing a white tank top, Alex holds Theresa's face as he makes a passionate point at home.

He also apologized for thinking she had feelings for Brady. Clearly, he didn’t read the room enough to realize this was no time for the jealousy act.

Ultimately, she let Alex know she didn’t have feelings for Brady. The kiss they shared — that Alex already forgave her for — was a drug-fueled mistake.

Alex became frantic, opening up to Theresa about his own issues. He didn’t want to come up with excuses but he knew he hadn’t been the best boyfriend.

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And, he attributed that to his whole life changing after finding out he was Victor’s son and Justin wasn’t his real dad.

Theresa was the one to blame herself for the mess they were in, not Alex.

Alex admitted to his being flawed and maybe they should work on their flaws together.

Photo Opportunity

At Sloan and Eric’s, the lawyer was finally up and raring to go. She had a new client to meet but before she left, she brought up her disastrous dinner party.

Eric and Sloan Become an Official Couple |

And even though Eric let her know Marlena and John totally understood she was nervous, she was absolutely mortified.

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In addition, Sloan wasn’t the only one to have a new client. Eric’s photography business had its first client: Lady Whistleblower, AKA Leo Stark. Sloan didn’t look happy.

Leo arrived, instantly making Sloan nervous. And Leo took every opportunity to make her nervous.

But he needed photos for his return as Lady Whistleblower. Sloan decided to stick around for a while. Alone, Leo called Sloan on her fake mother act.

In his apartment, Eric crouches behind his camera while grinning over his shoulder. In front of him on a backdrop, a smirking Leo sits on a stool.

And that he might not be the best person but he had a heart unlike her. After a few not-so-veiled taunts, insults, and threats, Sloan left anyway.

Once the photo shoot with the photogenic columnist ended, Leo read Sloan’s threatening text and on his way out of the apartment, he looked at Jude and hinted at a scandal waiting to be exposed.

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