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Days of our Lives Recap: Harris’s Love Declaration to Ava Turns Into A Hot Mess

Did Ava Vitali and Harris hatch a sudden scheme? In the Days of our Lives recap, Harris confessed his love for Ava, but behind closed doors, she rebuffed him, creating turmoil as […]

Did Ava Vitali and Harris hatch a sudden scheme?

In the Days of our Lives recap, Harris confessed his love for Ava, but behind closed doors, she rebuffed him, creating turmoil as she hastily left the station.

Wrapped in each other's arms, Harris and Ava kiss.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Paulina found out about Johnny and Chanel’s engagement and a surgery date.

Chad and Everett made peace not war. Stephanie, Wendy, and a distracted Tripp worked on the Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

Also, Ava and Stefan faced Clyde Weston-related questions from Rafe and Harris. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Love, Weddings, and Engagement Rings

Sitting in Horton Town Square, in front of Tom and Alice Horton’s plaque, Johnny switched out Chanel’s temporary ring.

He replaced it with a proper engagement ring worthy of a future DiMera wife.

This was a very impressive feat for Johnny and Chanel, seeing that in a few short minutes, they referenced the DiMera jewelry consultant and name-dropped Elizabeth Taylor along with Tom and Alice Horton.

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They hoped that their love would stand the test of time just like the one Tom and Alice shared did.

At her office, Mayor Paulina Price was in full-on work mode when she really needed to take care of herself.

Later, Johnny and Chanel visited to check on her and to let her know about their engagement. However, it took a minute for Paulina to buy a clue.

Johnny And Chanel's Long Road To Love On Days Of Our Lives

Paulina was over the moon once she realized her daughter was engaged.

Johnny and Chanel added to her happiness when they told her they’d be having a small ceremony in Salem on Valentine’s Day.

Paulina instantly started planning the wedding until she got a call that her surgery to remove the cancerous nodules wasn’t going to happen for two months. This wasn’t ideal.

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Caching All Kinds of Feelings

While working on the geocaching scavenger hunt they’re now calling Caching Cupid with Stephanie and Wendy, Tripp seemed distracted.

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Stephanie wondered if it was because of Ava and the mess at The Bistro.

Alone, Wendy offered to hack into The Bistro’s server to find any anomalies, anything that would help Ava get out of this mess.

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Tripp insisted that she let him handle this on his own because Ava was involved. Frankly, people have died because of her, so he wanted her to stay out of it.

Also, Tripp wondered if he was Vitali inside and out — if that was all in his DNA. Wendy assured him he was more Johnson than anything.

Carefully Worded Alliance

At The Spectator, Everett typed up his resignation letter and told Chad he was moving on if he couldn’t run the newspaper with integrity.

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Protecting Chad’s family wasn’t in the description of his job. The two debated the killing of any mention of The Bistro in Everett’s exposé.

Chad assured his editor-in-chief that had the drug raid been successful, he wouldn’t have protected Stefan.

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In fact, he’d probably be in jail. Everett decided to stay after Chad assured him he wouldn’t let his family influence any future coverage.

After their conversation turned to Stephanie, Chad gave his okay should something more happen between Everett and Stephanie.

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Of course, Stephanie walked in on their conversation shortly after.

Once Everett left to chase any news of Ava and Stefan being hauled into the police station, Stephanie and Chad talked about Everett — and Chad’s tendency to act jealous and overreact.

But all in all, he thought Everett was an honest, ethical guy, a good person.

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