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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Diane is taken aback by Bill’s choice – Luna calls for Poppy

In Friday’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap on January 26, Luna Nozawa attempted to dismiss RJ Forrester’s suggestion as absurd. However, he found it plausible that Bill Spencer could be […]

In Friday’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap on January 26, Luna Nozawa attempted to dismiss RJ Forrester’s suggestion as absurd.

However, he found it plausible that Bill Spencer could be her father.

At the beach house, Bill met with Diana the realtor about the lease paperwork for RJ, so she expressed surprise over him giving the place up since it was a great way to impress the ladies.

Bill admitted there was only one lady he wanted to impress.

Back at Forrester Creations, Ginge the Forrester intern interrupted with a call from Bill, who wanted RJ to come over and sign the lease agreement.

Once RJ agreed to come over, he told Luna that maybe he could suss Bill out and see what he could learn about Bill’s past with Poppy Nozawa.

Although RJ wasn’t trying to pressure Luna, he said that maybe it was time for her to ask Poppy if Bill was her dad.

At the café, Poppy thought back to Bill insisting he hadn’t forgotten their magical night, so she dreamily muttered to herself about how she hadn’t forgotten either.

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Poppy also remembered Bill saying they reconnected for a reason, so she smiled over him perhaps being right.

Bill texted Poppy and hoped to see her, so replied that they could definitely make that happen.

Poppy wanted to see Bill too, so he was pleased and eventually texted that he couldn’t wait to create magic with her again.

In the design office, Luna mulled over an earlier conversation with Poppy about the music festival and then flashed back to RJ’s father theory.

After Luna got Poppy on the phone, she asked if her mom could come to Forrester and left Poppy worried that something was wrong.

Luna didn’t know and said something might be right, but only Poppy could tell her.

Since Luna sounded so serious, Poppy rushed over immediately.

Luna made a speech about what an amazing single mother Poppy had been, but she’d been talking to RJ and had questions about her father.

After Luna admitted they’d been putting the pieces together, Poppy wondered what she was talking about.

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Luna said Bill was positive he knew Poppy from somewhere when they first met, but Poppy either didn’t remember right away or didn’t want to deal with it in that moment.

Since it turned out Poppy and Bill really had met at that music festival, Luna thought they must’ve had an intense connection.

Now that RJ had done the math, Luna hoped Poppy wouldn’t take offense to her asking this.

Luna loved her bond with her mom and was in awe of how Poppy raised her all by herself, but she felt a piece of her story was missing.

Once Luna said she needed the truth, she pushed Poppy to be honest and asked if Bill Spencer was her father.

Poppy’s eyes welled up with tears as Luna awaited her response.

Back at the beach house on Friday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, RJ showed up to handle the lease paperwork and subtly questioned Bill about his wild reconnection with Poppy.

Bill admitted it had been a bit more than 20 years and told RJ that they indeed had a very special night together.

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After Bill asked about RJ’s relationship with Luna, RJ confessed that he was crazy about her.

Bill thought Luna’s heart was in good hands, so RJ asked what about Poppy.

Once Bill confirmed that he wanted the very best for Poppy, he added that included a relationship with him.

Bill wasn’t normally someone who believed in fate, but he did think he was pulled back together with Poppy for a reason.

When RJ asked if Bill had any idea what that reason was, Bill said he was trying to figure it out.

In the meantime, Bill wanted to get to know both Poppy and Luna better.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say some curveballs are headed Bill’s way, so stay tuned for updates on all the dramatic news ahead.

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