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Days of our Lives Recap: A Mystery Caller Has A Killer Question For Xander

Xander Cook’s life with Sarah faced an instant threat in the Days of our Lives recap for when a mystery caller blindsided him with a menacing warning. Days of our Lives Recap […]

Xander Cook’s life with Sarah faced an instant threat in the Days of our Lives recap for when a mystery caller blindsided him with a menacing warning.

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Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, both Theresa and Alex had “aha” moments about each other during their conversations with Kayla and Marlena, respectively.

Everett spotted Jada hanging with Stephanie after Jada revealed more about her backstory with her ex.

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Now let’s dig into the details of what went down.

Love Epiphanies

Both Alex and Theresa had come-to-Jesus moments when they opened up about their lives.

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First, Alex had a session with Marlena, who paid tribute to the late, great Bill Hayes here.

During his session, he was able to dig deep into the details of his life, including what recently happened with Theresa.

Subsequently, he revealed her relapse and his teaming up with Brady to take care of Theresa.

He even shed light on the fact that he had to talk her out of heading back to California — that he needed her to stay.

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And the entire time, he sounded a little bit lost…until Marlena helped him draw a conclusion: he’s in love with Theresa.

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Meanwhile, Theresa showed up at the hospital to talk to Kayla, who had just spoken to Kimberly.

So she knew that Theresa was no longer headed back to California to spend time with her mom…she had decided to stay in Salem.

Ultimately, Theresa said that she made that decision because of Alex, that she was in love with him, only him.

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However, coming to this conclusion meant she had to deal with something else: the horrible thing she did to Alex.

More to the Story

At The Pub, Jada and Stephanie met up for some non-alcoholic fun, along with Rafe, who did order a beer.

Rafe was all set to participate in revealing embarrassing things about themselves since they banned any work talk.

At a table in the Pub, Rafe, Jada and Stephanie clink glasses.

They started with Stephanie, who let the couple know she was still swearing off men…sorta.

After all, she worked with two of her exes, Chad and the guy from Seattle (they never said his name).

The living in Seattle bit was news to Jada, especially since she had also lived in Seattle.

This left the two lamenting over the fact they didn’t connect while they both lived there.

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When Rafe was off getting another beer, the conversation veered towards Jada’s ex-husband, actually her “lying, cheating ex.”

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Jada sounded beyond over him, saying it wasn’t just that he cheated, it was the way she found out.

Apparently, she came across a big charge on their credit card bill — from a jewelry store.

And she hadn’t received any jewelry in forever.

When she confronted him about it, they had a massive fight, and he was furious with her. After that, she knew they were done.

Later, Everett connected with Stephanie, and she invited him to join her at The Pub.

Standing in the doorway, Everett stares into the Pub.

When he got there, he walked in and immediately spotted Stephanie sitting with Jada and Rafe.

As a result, he made a hasty exit, then texted Stephanie that he couldn’t make it to The Pub after all.

However, he did ask her to come over after she left The Pub. Everett sat her down on the bed and said he had something to confess.

Happiness, Interrupted…and Threatened

Xander and Sarah had a nice dinner that only Xander and his Scottish magic could conjure up in the kitchen.

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The two bantered about as they liked to do. But they also hit some sensitive topics.

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Unwisely, Xander suggested Sarah should ask for a raise at the hospital since she worked so hard.

But the financial chitchat didn’t sit well with the doctor. It made her think of when they were together before and the money issues that got him in trouble.

Sarah felt that she was in a good place financially, and he was one of The Spectator owners, so he was, too.

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This time around, they don’t have to worry about those things, at least for now.

Later, Xander and Sarah started to get intimate when Xander backed off because he didn’t want to screw things up like he did before.

After Sarah reluctantly went to bed, Xander suddenly got a phone call.

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A mystery man, whose deep voice was modulated, said he had a job for him: “I have someone who must be eliminated.”

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