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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Everett’s Marriage Rocks Stephanie – Theresa & Alex’s Risk

On Monday, January 29, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Marlena Evans will become more and more worried about John Black and his recent disturbing behavior. John has been experiencing difficulty […]

On Monday, January 29, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Marlena Evans will become more and more worried about John Black and his recent disturbing behavior.

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John has been experiencing difficulty sleeping and appears more on edge than usual.

However, Marlena senses that he is reluctant to share the burden with her.

Marlena will feel like Steve Johnson might be a better source of support in this situation, so she’ll reach out to him for assistance.

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Days spoilers say Steve will gladly agree to help, but he won’t give Marlena updates on his own concerns about Konstantin Meleounis and the secret he could reveal about John’s past as “The Pawn.”

Meanwhile, Kate Roberts Brady will fret over Lucas Horton, who was recently targeted in prison for asking the wrong people too many questions.

Harris Michaels’ plans for Lucas backfired since Clyde Weston had his prison goons retaliate, but at least Lucas should be safer now that he’s being transferred to a new location.

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Days of Our Lives fans will recall that Harris didn’t reveal that location to Rafe Hernandez or Jada Hunter, so that preserved the surprise of where Lucas will end up.

Of course, Lucas appeared to be in a monastery in the Day of Days promo, so it seems that’s where Lucas will pose as a monk and hide out for his own safety.

Whether Kate knows the details of Lucas’ transfer or not, she’ll continue to worry about her son and will lean on Roman Brady for support.

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Other Days spoilers say Alex Kiriakis will play a game with Theresa Donovan – one that could help him push for honesty.

Alex has realized that he’s in love with Theresa, but he needs confirmation that Theresa feels the same way and might get it once they start playing Truth or Dare.

Although Theresa planned on making amends for her past mistakes, she won’t come clean to Alex about all the paternity drama she’s caused for him.

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Everett Lynch, on the other hand, just told Stephanie Johnson that he’s got a confession to make.

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Now that Everett has seen for himself that Jada Hunter lives in Salem and is friends with Stephanie, he’ll have a lot to get off his chest.

It looks like Everett will admit Jada is his ex-wife, so Stephanie should flip out when she realizes Everett is the “lying, cheating ex” that Jada ranted about.

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Since Jada found out through a massive jewelry charge on the credit card bill, that may have been for Stephanie’s engagement ring. Was Stephanie the other woman while Everett was married to Jada?

Regardless, Days of Our Lives spoilers say Stephanie won’t be happy about the way Everett treated Jada, so stay tuned to see her reaction to his huge news., where you want to be for great Days of Our Lives spoilers, news and updates, so make us your top Days of Our Lives source.

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