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The Young and the Restless News: Victoria, Cole, and Claire – Jordan’s plan – Kyle’s breakdown

Over the next two weeks on The Young and the Restless, expect a mix of romance and suspense. In the week of January 29 to February 2, Chance Chancellor and Summer Newman […]

Over the next two weeks on The Young and the Restless, expect a mix of romance and suspense.

In the week of January 29 to February 2, Chance Chancellor and Summer Newman share a flirtatious dinner to mark their inaugural official date.

Meanwhile, Audra Charles will reject Nikki Newman’s plan to have her run the Newman Media office in London.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Audra will get fired instead, so she’ll have to take her career in another direction.

Since Audra’s already been hinting to Nate Hastings about taking over Glacade, she’ll give him updates and announce that Nikki’s firing could be a good thing.

Now Audra can throw all her time and energy into this takeover plot – and without having to worry about her employment at Newman Media, she can perhaps accept a job at Tucker McCall’s company and sabotage him from the inside.

Tucker will also make life difficult for Kyle Abbott soon enough, so Kyle will land in a situation where he’s forced to defend his work at Jabot.

Now that Diane Jenkins-Abbott is in the co-CEO spot, Tucker may push Kyle’s buttons about Daddy promoting Mommy over him.

Kyle may argue that he fully supports Diane in her new role, but Tucker may seriously doubt that.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Kyle will have an angry meltdown, which is no doubt the kind of reaction Tucker will be hoping for.

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Getting under Kyle’s skin is quickly becoming a favorite pastime of Tucker’s!

In Paris, Ashley Abbott and Traci Abbott will visit the café where she had he infamous blowup with Tucker – the one that resulted in two versions of events and a whole lot of drama.

In the beginning, Ashley was totally convinced of her side of the story.

Now Ashley’s starting to doubt her sanity a bit, so she needs to know the truth and figure out if Tucker’s gaslighting her.

Of course, The Young and the Restless fans know Tucker genuinely believes his version since we’ve seen him recalling that day with confusion – even when Ashley’s not around.

Ashley and Traci will talk to someone on the waitstaff at that café, so will this person be able to help?

Although Ashley’s hoping that someone will remember something, maybe there’ll end up being security camera footage from somewhere nearby.

That’s the only way Ashley can see the truth with her own eyes.

Back in Genoa City, Daniel Romalotti Jr. will have a realization about Heather Stevens and what he feels is the truth about her.

Will Daniel realize something that makes him rethink his decision to get back together with Heather?

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We know Daniel will be torn between Heather and Lily Winters during February sweeps, so he may wonder if he’s making a mistake.

Then again, it’s also possible Daniel will simply be torn about hurting Lily when she gets back from California.

In that case, Daniel’s realization might involve the fact that he can’t stay away from Heather.

Despite trying to press pause, Daniel may see that it’s going to be harder than he thought and hook up with Heather again as a result.

Over with Billy Abbott, he’ll support Chelsea Lawson in her time of need, so it looks like this will be related to Connor Newman’s slipping grades and some issues he’s having at his school.

While Billy consoles Chelsea over some parenting struggles, Sally Spectra will have a surprise in store for Adam Newman.

That could continue to deepen the romance between Adam and Sally.

Over with Victor Newman, he’ll receive news about Jordan either breaking out of prison or perishing due to a fire that happened there.

Since Jordan’s so sneaky, she’ll obviously survive the blaze and prepare to target the Newmans once again.

Victor will sound the alarm to his family, but it looks like Victoria Newman and Cole Howard will decide to keep Claire Grace in the dark.

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Although Nikki and Jack will escape a close call at the office, they can’t avoid Victor’s wrath indefinitely.

Victor will later discover Nikki with Jack, so he’ll bust the duo and apparently find out Jack has secretly been serving as her sponsor.

That should lead to Victor giving Jack an earful about the deception, but Nikki may rush to his defense since it was her idea.

During the week of February 5-9, there’ll be more chaos related to Jordan’s prison break and the revenge she’s still cooking up against the Newmans.

Will Jordan go ahead and make her next move?

Claire may ultimately find out that Victoria and Cole have been keeping Jordan’s getaway from her, so that could damage the trust they’ve been building.

Since Nikki needs a new COO, Jack will arrange for someone trustworthy to take Audra’s seat for a while.

It could be Noah Newman who slides in since he’s set to come home soon.

Next, Phyllis Summers will prove relentless when it comes to pursuing Danny Romalotti, so she’ll eventually make some progress and infuriate Christine Blair.

Some love triangle mayhem is still to come, so stay tuned!

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