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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke is horrified by Hope’s ring choice – Poppy denies Bill as Luna’s father

Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap on January 29 shows Thomas Forrester leaving Ridge Forrester puzzled with hints before finally confessing his proposal to Hope Logan. Thomas was fine waiting on […]

Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap on January 29 shows Thomas Forrester leaving Ridge Forrester puzzled with hints before finally confessing his proposal to Hope Logan.

Thomas was fine waiting on Hope to come around and felt confident that she’d move that ring from her necklace to her finger one day.

Ridge was proud of Thomas for putting himself out there, but he warned him not to pressure Hope since the ball was in her court now.

Thomas confirmed that he wouldn’t and thanked Ridge for his unwavering support.

Since Hope didn’t turn down the proposal, Ridge suggested love would find a way if it was meant to be and embraced Thomas.

At the cabin on Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Brooke Logan questioned if Hope really saw herself having a future with Thomas, so Hope defended him fiercely.

Hope let something slip about the only reason she thought she wasn’t ready to get married yet, so Brooke flipped out and asked if Thomas proposed.

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Once Hope confessed that Thomas did, Brooke was relieved to see that Hope wasn’t wearing an engagement ring.

However, Hope pointed out that she didn’t say yes or no and showed off the ring on her necklace.

Brooke was horrified and thought that must’ve been Thomas’ idea since this seemed like more of his obsessive behavior to her.

Hope insisted she just needed more time to make sure the kids were in a stable place before she made any giant decisions.

When Hope asked if Brooke didn’t want her to be happy, Brooke said she wanted Hope to be happy like she was with Liam Spencer.

Hope snapped that Liam left her and defended all Thomas’ positive qualities.

Brooke realized a future between Hope and Thomas was truly possible, so she begged her not to marry him.

As Brooke desperately tried to get through to her daughter, she reiterated that Hope couldn’t become Thomas’ wife!

In the design office at Forrester Creations, Poppy Nozawa assured Luna Nozawa that Bill Spencer wasn’t her father.

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When Poppy suggested it was funny that Luna would even think so, Luna disagreed.

Luna asked if Poppy hooked up with Bill, but her mom didn’t like being interrogated.

Of course, Luna took that as a “yes” and said the timeline matched up, so she asked if Poppy was lying about Bill being her dad.

Poppy claimed she was telling the truth, but Luna was sick of all the secrecy when it came to the topic of who her father was.

As Poppy got increasingly emotional, she insisted she’d always made decisions for Luna and loved her with all of her being, so she hoped that was enough.

Luna assured Poppy that she valued their relationship, but she still had questions about herself when she looked in the mirror.

Poppy kept playing up the bond between the two of them and got Luna to do their secret handshake.

After Poppy said Luna was her whole world, she hugged her tightly.

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At the beach house, RJ Forrester signed all the paperwork to officially make Bill his new landlord.

Bill told RJ to keep the place nice since he was dating a remarkable young lady.

There was something about the Nozawa women that made you sit up and take notice according to Bill, who only saw Poppy in a crowd of people.

RJ thought Bill must’ve made a crazy connection with Poppy if he remembered her after just one night, but Bill suggested sometimes that’s all it takes.

After RJ talked about Bill and Poppy reconnecting, he hinted about how it might give Bill an unexpected gift.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say more of Poppy’s secrets will unravel soon, so stay tuned for updates on any wild news that might be revealed.

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