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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Infuriates Wendy – Everett Handles Leo

In the “Days of Our Lives” episode recap for Tuesday, January 30, it’s revealed that Leo Stark encountered Stephanie Johnson leaving Everett Lynch’s room, implying it could be a potential scoop for […]

In the “Days of Our Lives” episode recap for Tuesday, January 30, it’s revealed that Leo Stark encountered Stephanie Johnson leaving Everett Lynch’s room, implying it could be a potential scoop for Lady Whistleblower.

Wearing a pastel colored patterned suit, and with disheveled hair, Leo leans his ear toward a closed Salem Inn door.

Stephanie responded assertively, declaring it was none of his concern and threatened to inform Chad DiMera about the potential negative impact of Leo’s column.

Post Stephanie’s exit, Leo sought Everett’s account of the events, leading Everett to invite him for breakfast to discuss.

Everett convinced Leo that nothing intimate occurred with Stephanie, only a conversation that led to them falling asleep. Leo agreed to keep this information confidential.

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Meanwhile, Kayla Johnson was on her way home, looking forward to picking up pre-ordered banana muffins from Sweet Bits.

Chanel Dupree assured her the muffins were almost ready and showed off her engagement ring.

Kayla, learning about Chanel’s Valentine’s Day wedding with Johnny DiMera, shared that it coincided with her own anniversary with Steve Johnson.

Wearing pajamas, Stephanie sits next to Steve and Kayla who lie in bed. Propped on his elbow, Steve holds a muffin and Sweet Bits bag.

After Kayla left with her muffins, Stephanie arrived in the town square.

Chanel offered her coffee and mentioned Kayla had just left, reassuring Stephanie that her early morning exit from the Salem Inn was her private matter.

Stephanie, appreciative of Chanel’s discretion, admired her engagement ring and expressed joy in seeing someone else so happily in love.

Back at Steve and Kayla’s home, Kayla joined Steve in bed and they discussed his concerns about Konstantin Meleounis.

Steve and Kayla Will Be Grandparents - Days of Our Lives - TV Fanatic

After which Kayla suggested Steve get some more rest. However, the aroma of banana muffins kept Steve awake.

Stephanie later visited them in pajamas, sharing she had spent the night at a friend’s.

Steve later questioned Stephanie about her evening, to which she confirmed that nothing happened with Everett and that she was being cautious.

Steve expressed his relief and advised her to follow her heart, regardless of others’ opinions.

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At the DiMera mansion, Johnny inquired about Stefan DiMera’s mood. As Johnny was excited about his engagement.

He couldn’t understand Stefan’s affair with Ava Vitali, given his love for Gabi Hernandez DiMera. Stefan tried to explain the complexities, but Johnny was unconvinced.

Wendy Shin, expecting Tripp Johnson, was surprised to encounter Ava instead. Ava proposed a discussion.

Questioning Wendy about her true intentions with Tripp. Wendy defended the authenticity of their relationship.

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Ava, explaining her maternal protectiveness, implied Wendy would understand once she became a mother.

After dismissing a call from Harris Michaels, Ava was questioned by Wendy about her feelings for Harris or Stefan. Ava chose not to answer.

Following this, Wendy left to meditate, and Ava, ignoring another call from Harris, answered a subsequent call, surprised to find Stefan on the line.

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Their conversation escalated into a confrontation, with Ava teasing Stefan about her allure, which seemed to affect him.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers indicate that as Paulina prepares for surgery, she will increasingly depend on her family’s support. Keep watching Days of Our Lives for more updates.

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