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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava & Stefan’s Boozy Wild Night – Xander & Sarah’s Party Goes Wrong

Days of Our Lives recap indicate that Sarah Horton and Xander Cook were getting ready for a dinner that Maggie Horton was set to attend. With Sarah revealing that Konstantin Meleounis would […]

Days of Our Lives recap indicate that Sarah Horton and Xander Cook were getting ready for a dinner that Maggie Horton was set to attend.

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With Sarah revealing that Konstantin Meleounis would be accompanying Maggie.

Xander was not pleased about Konstantin’s attendance in Friday’s episode.

While Konstantin himself was contemplating the significance of a red card in his possession.

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Maggie reassured that Konstantin’s presence at dinner was fine, leading them to proceed together.

At Xander’s residence during the Days of Our Lives episode on Friday, Maggie persuaded Xander to overlook his issues with Konstantin for the sake of a peaceful dinner.

Initially, the dinner seemed to go smoothly until Konstantin began to mock Xander’s heritage and boasted about his upbringing in Athena.

After Xander insinuated that Konstantin was preying on a wealthy widow, Konstantin decided it was time to leave.

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Prompted by Maggie who insisted he leave if he couldn’t behave, as she was not ready to depart.

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Following Konstantin’s exit, Maggie apologized for his behavior, and Sarah provided comfort.

Xander, too, expressed regret for the earlier altercation but privately suggested to Sarah that Maggie might be starting to see Konstantin’s true nature.

Elsewhere, John and Marlena Evans had their evening disrupted by Brady Black and Theresa Donovan, who arrived to discuss consent forms for Tate Black’s wilderness program.

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Theresa sensed Marlena and John knew about her recent lapse and confronted Brady, who confessed he had informed Marlena.

Despite her initial disappointment, Theresa resolved to trust Marlena and John’s discretion.

Theresa hinted at a desire for her and Brady to emulate John and Marlena’s enduring relationship, though Brady considered that a lofty comparison but acknowledged their past happy moments.

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Later, Theresa openly committed to overcoming her setback, while John excused himself, citing a text about a new case, and escorted Theresa out.

Brady remained to discuss his permanent bond with Theresa through their son Tate with Marlena.

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In the park, Konstantin confronted John, indicating a scheduled meeting and hinting at revealing the story behind the red card.

Meanwhile, Everett was updating Chad DiMera over the phone when Stephanie Johnson arrived, learning about an early morning lead they planned to pursue.

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After initially declining Everett’s invitation for dinner, Stephanie decided to join him for drinks.

Eventually confessing her desire for more than just friendship and reminiscing about their time together in Seattle.

The evening concluded with Stephanie and Everett expressing their feelings physically.

On the same night, Ava Vitali was engrossed in a romance novel when Stefan DiMera showed up unexpectedly.

Wearing robes on her couch, Stefan and Ava's parted lips are close to touching. His arm wraps around her waist.

Swapping a sushi delivery for wine, leading to a night of heavy drinking and eventual intimacy, echoing the novel Ava had been reading.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the repercussions of Stefan and Ava’s impulsive night will unfold, promising drama ahead.

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