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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava’s Horror, Wedding Doubts, Paulina’s Surgery Surprise and Xander Hitman Drama

The upcoming two weeks on “Days of Our Lives,” from February 5 to February 16, are set to bring a mix of burgeoning romances and revelations from the past. During the week […]

The upcoming two weeks on “Days of Our Lives,” from February 5 to February 16, are set to bring a mix of burgeoning romances and revelations from the past.

During the week of February 5-9, Abe Carver and Paulina Price will rekindle their romance, marking a significant step in their relationship by becoming intimate once more.

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Paulina’s battle with cancer has brought Abe closer, easing him into the comfort of intimacy despite his ongoing amnesia.

Johnny DiMera finds himself conflicted about reuniting with Chanel Dupree, hesitating due to Chad DiMera’s cautionary advice about the DiMera family’s influence.

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Meanwhile, Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera agree to conceal their impromptu liaison, aware that revealing it could destroy Stefan’s marriage to Gabi Hernandez DiMera.

A drug bust complicates matters for Stefan, leading to EJ DiMera’s smug prediction of Stefan’s potential imprisonment, paralleling Gabi’s fate.

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Chad and Everett Lynch’s decision to confront Clyde Weston for a story stirs up tension, especially given Clyde’s role in Abigail DiMera’s demise.

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Thomas DiMera and Charlotte DiMera miss their mother, Abigail, and find solace in time spent with Julie Williams.

Konstantin Meleounis shares a mysterious tale involving Catharina and John’s past in Greece.

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Leaving John unsettled and temporarily reverting him to his brainwashed “Pawn” state, though he won’t recall the episode once he’s snapped out of it.

Konstantin devises a sinister plan with John unwittingly at its heart, while Steve Johnson aims to eliminate Konstantin before he can exploit John’s dark past further.

Ava’s clandestine rendezvous with Harris Michaels leads to another heated moment.

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Despite the looming threat Clyde poses after the drug bust, potentially marking Harris for elimination.

Xander Cook faces a moral dilemma regarding an assassination job that could endanger his newfound family stability with Sarah Horton and his daughter.

Stephanie Johnson opens up to Kayla Johnson about her feelings for Everett, possibly influencing Everett’s next actions.

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Sloan Petersen-Brady and Eric Brady’s attempt at intimacy might face interruptions.

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While Alex Kiriakis and Kristen DiMera bond over shared frustrations regarding Brady Black and Theresa Donovan’s unresolved connection.

New letters from Tate Black prompt Brady and Theresa to reflect on their son’s wellbeing, even as Theresa grows closer to Alex following a deep conversation about addiction.

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Sarah and Xander’s attraction intensifies, potentially leading to a passionate encounter, while Lucas Horton’s secretive actions worry Kate Roberts Brady.

Paulina’s accelerated surgery schedule prompts concern over its timing with Chanel and Johnny’s wedding.

Though they may proceed with the event despite the potential for Paulina to miss it due to her operation.

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The week of February 12-16 hints at a Valentine’s Day wedding in Salem, with Johnny contemplating Chad’s warnings about marrying Chanel.

After Ava discovers an injured Harris, she ensures he receives medical attention in time, sparing him from an on-screen exit.

Valentine’s Day also brings a geocaching scavenger hunt and surprises, including Theresa discovering an engagement ring in Alex’s possession, which stirs emotions.

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A mysterious fire at the Horton residence adds another layer of intrigue during February’s sweeps.

With excitement brewing in Salem, “Days of Our Lives” fans are in for thrilling developments and dramatic twists in the coming weeks.

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