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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Stunned as Xander Handcuffed – Harris’ Surgery Outcome

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, February 13, reveal Wendy Shin discussing with Rafe Hernandez and Jada Hunter the involvement of The Bistro in dubious activities, as hinted by Ava Vitali. […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, February 13, reveal Wendy Shin discussing with Rafe Hernandez and Jada Hunter the involvement of The Bistro in dubious activities, as hinted by Ava Vitali.

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Prompted by the incident involving Harris Michaels, Wendy decides to disclose Ava’s odd behavior and Stefan DiMera’s involvement.

Wendy is initially hesitant to spy on Tripp Johnson’s mother at Rafe’s request but agrees to help by becoming his informant.

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Meanwhile, Officer Goldman finds a burner phone in a dumpster near The Bistro.

Which Wendy, using her technical expertise, attempts to extract useful information from.

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Julie Williams and Chad DiMera show their appreciation to Maggie Kiriakis for her hospitality.

Standing between them, Maggie holds one of Julie's and Chad's hands in the Kiriakis living room.

Doug Williams stays close to Thomas DiMera and Charlotte DiMera, unwilling to leave them alone while they sleep.

Julie is puzzled by the cause of the Horton house fire, and Chad blames himself after receiving a threatening phone call.

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Maggie wraps an arm around a despondent Julie's shoulders. Wearing robes, they sit on the Kiriakis living room couch.

He suspects Clyde Weston’s retaliation for a published story and considers tracing the call.

Julie initially blames Chad for not taking the threat seriously but soon redirects her anger towards Clyde.

Despite concerns about their living situation, Maggie reassures them they can stay while the Horton house is being rebuilt.

Following Jada Hunter’s update about Harris hiding Lucas Horton, Chad brings news of the fire to Rafe, linking it to Clyde Weston.

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Rafe seizes Chad’s phone to delve deeper, determined to apprehend Clyde.

At the hospital, Ava is anxious about Harris’s condition, fearing she may not get a chance to express her love.

She and Stefan discuss their actions and the necessity to confront Clyde despite the risks to their loved ones.

Kayla Johnson reports Harris is stable for surgery but faces severe challenges, including significant internal bleeding.

An anguished Ava leans in close at Harris' hospital bedside. Wearing an oxygen tube, he lies with his eyes closed. Stefan observes from the doorway.

Ava, named as Harris’s emergency contact, spends a few moments with him, urging him to fight for survival.

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Officer Phillips monitors the hospital, casting suspicious glances towards Stefan, who appears uneasy during Ava’s visit.

Back at the police station, Wendy’s examination of the burner phone yields results, impressing Rafe and Jada.

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After obtaining a warrant, Officer Goldman experiences a moment of discomfort, attributing it to a workout.

Xander Cook returns home to Sarah Horton, avoiding intimacy before succumbing to a passionate shower session.

Post-shower, they confess their enduring love and enjoy a tender moment in bed, despite Xander receiving a mysterious text.

In the shower, Sarah and Xander stare breathlessly at each other as he holds her against the tiled wall.

The evening takes a turn when Rafe and Jada, along with backup, arrest Xander, leaving Sarah and their daughter in shock.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Xander’s upcoming battle to prove his innocence. Stay tuned to for more updates and spoilers.