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The Young and the Restless News: Jordan discovers Seth at a dive bar, while Ashley experiences a car accident

In The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, February 15, Ashley Abbott worries that Tucker McCall has shattered her, leaving her uncertain about reality. Jack Abbott will insist Ashley is too […]

In The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, February 15, Ashley Abbott worries that Tucker McCall has shattered her, leaving her uncertain about reality.

Jack Abbott will insist Ashley is too strong for that and will urge her to lean on her family.

Ashley will acknowledge that she might’ve exaggerated Tucker’s Paris behavior, but Jack will think that was just her mind’s way of upping the stakes.

The main thing is Ashley ended her marriage – and Jack will insist that was the right call.

Ashley will decide Jack’s right and that she should take the win since she’s no longer married to Tucker.

However, Ashley will seem pensive as she goes out to clear her head.

While Ashley’s in the backseat with her driver behind the wheel, another car will rear-end them.

That’ll trigger a painful flashback for Ashley, so she’ll remember having a car accident when she was pregnant and look distraught.

At the GCAC, Victoria Newman will complain to Cole Howard about Victor Newman using Claire Grace as the hook for his Jordan bait.

Cole won’t be thrilled over Claire giving Jordan a message if she calls, but he’ll acknowledge that they have to trust Claire’s decision to help.

Victoria will share some sweet moments with Cole as she insists he would’ve been a good father to Claire growing up.

Since Cole also came running to Oregon when he thought Victoria was sick, she’ll point out that she’ll never forget that.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam Newman will explain why he needs Nick Newman to back him up on his Sally Spectra pitch, so Nick will be on board.

Once Victor arrives, he’ll tell Nick and Adam about his plan to have Claire relay a message to Jordan.

Adam will think that sounds risky – and Nick will have concerns about Victoria’s disapproval.

Even so, Victor won’t “give a damn” if Victoria is against it since his priority will be protecting Nikki Newman and shutting down Jordan for good.

Although Nick and Adam will want details on what Victor plans to do after Claire shares his message, he’ll refuse to divulge any news about his plot.

Adam will shift gears and make his pitch about folding Sally’s interior design firm into Newman Enterprises – and Nick will share why he approves.

Unfortunately, Victor will refuse to work with Sally professionally and will say no to the idea.

After Victor leaves, Adam will tell Nick that their father is testing him to see how badly he wants this.

Nick will warn Adam not to push back, but Adam will clearly plan to do it anyway.

At the ranch, Nikki will answer Jordan’s phone call, so Jordan will mention Nikki’s earlier tirade and suggest the booze must’ve given her a false sense of bravado.

When Nikki insists she’s sober, Jordan won’t believe she has as much of a grip on her sobriety as she thinks.

Jordan will want a face-to-face meeting, but she’ll turn down Nikki’s offer to have one at the ranch since she’s not stupid enough to fall for that trap.

After Jordan says she’s not returning to prison until she settles unfinished business, she’ll promise Nikki that they’ll indeed come face to face again – and Nikki will never see her coming!

Once Nikki hangs up, she’ll want to go out to lunch with Lauren Fenmore Baldwin.

Lauren will suspect Nikki’s looking for a way to get a drink, so she’ll suggest calling Jack and having him bring lunch instead.

Later, Nikki will open up to Jack alone about her phone rant to Jordan and the fact that Jordan called her back with a threat.

Nikki will be determined to stick to her sobriety this time since she’ll know her life could depend on it.

As for disguised Jordan, she’ll be at The Empty Glass and will hang around after warning Nikki over the phone.

By the end of Thursday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Jordan will approach Seth while he’s drinking and looking over some texts to Nikki.

As Jordan appears at Seth’s table, he’ll look up to find her standing there with a creepy smile.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jordan will continue to make Nikki miserable, so stick with us for updates on all the mayhem.

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