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The Bold and the Beautiful News: Poppy regrets drugging Luna, and Zende faces inquiries about his love life

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, February 14, Poppy Nozawa prompts Luna Nozawa to recount the events of the previous night once more. Luna explains that she felt unexpectedly […]

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, February 14, Poppy Nozawa prompts Luna Nozawa to recount the events of the previous night once more.

Luna explains that she felt unexpectedly fatigued at the party and informed RJ Forrester that she was arranging for a ride home.

Once Luna recalled seeing the water bottles through the guesthouse window, she also remembered how thirsty she was and said she must’ve fallen asleep after laying down on the bed.

Luna added that she looked up and saw RJ, so it was almost like she was hallucinating since he turned out to be Zende Forrester Dominguez.

Poppy got Luna to confirm that she had Champagne and not much to eat, but Luna said that didn’t explain how something like this could’ve happened.

No one at the Forrester mansion would’ve drugged Luna, so she struggled to understand.

Poppy looked upset as she reminded Luna that she also had some mints.

When Poppy looked in Luna’s clutch and pulled out her special mint tin, she burst into tears and said this was all her fault.

Poppy explained that these weren’t regular mints; they were something they used for her anxiety – at least until she lost track of them.

As Poppy cried and expressed how sorry she was, Luna finally realized that she woke up in Zende’s bed because of Poppy and this whole mint situation.

Luna exclaimed over getting drugged by her own mother as she tried to wrap her head around that shocking news.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke Logan suggested that Luna might’ve just needed to sleep in and that if she was sick, then Poppy would take care of her.

A mother’s love was the best medicine!

RJ seemed worried that something else was going on and considered the possibility that Luna was mad at him, but he couldn’t recall any disagreements in their whole relationship.

Brooke reflected on her romance with Ridge Forrester and how their challenges made them stronger, but RJ was hoping to avoid the drama of his two bloodlines and have an easy path forward with Luna.

RJ said he’d never had a connection with a woman like this before and added that he trusted Luna completely, so Brooke was happy for him.

At the Forrester guesthouse on Wednesday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Zende flashed back to his night with Luna and then recalled her freak-out afterward.

Eric Forrester stopped by and noticed Zende seemed upset, but Zende blamed it on a stomachache.

Since Eric assumed Zende partied too hard last night, he suggested some remedies like a little hair of the dog.

Eric felt it was nothing to be ashamed of and said he was glad there were no major slipups last night.

Once Eric reflected on how wonderful it was to be married to Donna Forrester, he expressed surprise that Zende didn’t bring anyone to the gathering.

Zende pointed out that it was short notice, so Eric understood – though he reminded Zende that he was welcome to bring a guest anytime.

Eric wanted to make sure Zende was putting himself out there since he was quite the eligible bachelor.

When Eric asked if Zende was ready to find that special someone, Zende confirmed that he was.

Eric wondered if maybe Zende had already found her and once again gushed over his own marriage to Donna.

After Eric assured Zende that he’d find someone as well, he said Zende would treat her with love, kindness and respect since that’s the kind of guy he was.

Eric felt confident that Zende would make some lucky lady very happy.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Zende will continue to worry about what went down with Luna, so stay tuned for updates on the drama that’s still to come.

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