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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Frame-Up – Kristen’s Plan Flops – Ava Denies Text

The Thursday, February 15, recap of Days of Our Lives reveals Jada Hunter expressing gratitude to Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera for their cooperation at the station. Though they had no information […]

The Thursday, February 15, recap of Days of Our Lives reveals Jada Hunter expressing gratitude to Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera for their cooperation at the station.

Wearing an inscrutable expression, Stefan sits next to a solemn Ava in the hospital chapel. He clasps her hand in her lap.

Though they had no information to contribute regarding the situation with Harris Michaels.

Despite surviving the night, Harris is not yet safe, facing severe internal injuries, as shared by Jada.

She disclosed the detention of a suspect and the existence of a deceptive text message, which Ava was astonished to find was supposedly sent from her phone.

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Ava quickly disproved the suspicion by showing Jada her phone, which lacked such a message.

Jada noted that messages can be erased and hinted at the possibility of spoofed numbers, planning to further investigate Ava’s phone records through a warrant.

Ava, eager to assist and clear her name, highlighted her solid alibi, supported by security footage from The Bistro.

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Despite feeling remorseful for Harris’s misconception, Stefan reassured Ava of her innocence and suggested lunch to comfort her.

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Ava chose to visit the hospital chapel for solace, as direct visits to Harris were barred.

Where Stefan joined her in prayer, offering support amidst their shared troubles with Clyde Weston.

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Elsewhere, at The Spectator, Stephanie Johnson warmly greeted Chad DiMera, relieved to see him safe post-fire, and generously provided supplies for children in need.

Following Stephanie’s departure, Chad informed Everett Lynch of the fire’s arson origin, prompting Everett’s offer of assistance against Clyde.

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Stephanie later coordinated with Jada about a geocaching event permit reminder and extended an invitation for a Valentine’s Day double date, which Jada accepted, planning a night out with their partners.

In a tense moment at the Salem PD, a handcuffed Xander Cook faced skepticism from Sarah Horton, whom he pleaded with for trust, asserting his innocence in Harris’s situation.

With a creased brown, Xander earnestly leans toward Sarah across the interrogation room table.

Despite past transgressions, Sarah believed in Xander’s innocence, enlisting Justin Kiriakis as his attorney.

However, their hopes dimmed when Jada revealed incriminating evidence linking a gun found in Xander’s possession to the shooting.

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Meanwhile, Stephanie and Everett finalized their double date plans with a kiss in the town square.

days of our lives preview photos.

And at the DiMera mansion, a misunderstanding led Brady Black to confront Kristen DiMera, resulting in a heated argument witnessed by their daughter Rachel, escalating tensions.

The episode underscored ongoing conflicts and the complex web of relationships in Salem, setting the stage for future developments.

Bearing her teeth, Rachel holds out a handmade card preparing to rip it. Words on one side read, You Daddy. Brady earnestly kneels in front of her. Sheepishly eyeing Rachel, Kristen brings her hand to her mouth.

Fans are encouraged to stay tuned to Days of Our Lives for unfolding stories, available for regular updates and spoilers.