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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Seth unintentionally sets up Nikki, leading to Kyle’s begrudging admission

In The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, February 19, Ashley Abbott strives to assure Jack Abbott of her improved stability, yet she continues to grapple with significant mental distress. When […]

In The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, February 19, Ashley Abbott strives to assure Jack Abbott of her improved stability, yet she continues to grapple with significant mental distress.

When Diane Jenkins-Abbott and Kyle Abbott come home bickering about him overstepping again, Ashley won’t give Diane a hard time like she normally would.

Jack will urge Ashley to join in the dinner plans he already made with Kyle and Diane, but she’ll opt to stay behind.

Once Ashley’s alone, she’ll hear her own voice echoing in her head about all her concerns and will yell for it to shut up.

Ashley won’t have much success with that strategy on Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode, so she’ll get a driver to take her somewhere and will look pensive in the backseat.

At the GCAC, Tucker McCall will spend some time in bed with Audra Charles and will play a guessing game until she figures out he got plane tickets.

Tucker will ask how Audra would feel about a jaunt to Europe and will mention some of the business meetings they could take in Paris.

Audra will love the sound of that, but she’ll want to make sure Tucker’s OK with going back there so soon after what happened with Ashley.

Tucker will refuse to let Ashley ruin that magnificent city for him and will eventually head downstairs with Audra for dinner.

The conversation will turn to whether they’ll keep the Glissade offices in Paris or move them to Genoa City instead.

Tucker will be taken aback over Audra’s willingness to start a whole new life with him elsewhere, but she’ll vow to follow wherever he goes – and not just because of business.

However, Tucker will want to stay in town in hopes of making amends with Devon Hamilton-Winters and keeping Dominic Newman-Abbott-Winters-Chancellor in his life, too.

Audra will have sympathy for Tucker’s situation and will suggest backing off until all the drama of his breakup with Ashey blows over.

Then, Tucker can support Devon when he sees that he needs help – only this time, he can do it without all the scheming and subterfuge.

Tucker will seem touched over Audra’s pep talk and will take her hand as Ashley enters.

Once Ashley sees Tucker and Audra together, she’ll head upstairs looking determined.

Audra will suggest a nightcap with Tucker, so he’ll be on board just as soon as he deals with a couple work calls.

Tucker will leave Audra downstairs while he returns to his suite, where he’ll open the door to find Ashley sitting there waiting for him.

At Society, Jack will tell Diane and Kyle that he hopes Ashley has turned a corner.

There’ll also be some talk about making sure they’re prepared for Tucker since he has an Abbott obsession.

Nearby, Tessa Porter will track down Abby Newman-Abbott and delight her with updates on her decision to accept the manager job.

When Tessa mentions some conditions, Abby will act like she can have whatever she wants.

Tessa will suggest that Society needs major changes, including a DJ, a dance floor and an international menu.

Abby will freak out a bit until Tessa admits she’s just messing with her.

The only real condition Tessa will have involves staying flexible for Aria Porter-Copeland’s schedule, so Abby will insist that’s fine since she already took that into consideration.

Abby will be excited over Tessa officially becoming her new manager, so she’ll announce the news to Diane, Kyle and Tucker at their table.

At home later, Jack will seem pensive as he looks around and realizes Ashley is gone.

Meanwhile, Diane will push Kyle for honesty since she’s his boss, but she’s his mother first.

It’ll take some convincing, but Kyle will eventually confess that he’s having a harder time with this co-CEO thing than he thought he would.

Kyle will add that he’s trying very hard not to resent Diane for it.

At the ranch, Nikki Newman will argue with Victor Newman and Victoria Newman about her desire to goad Jordan into a trap.

Victor will act like Nikki needs to understand how dangerous Jordan is – and Victoria won’t want her mother putting herself at risk either.

Seth will eventually get Nikki on the phone, so he’ll be glad she answered and will talk about his guilt over letting her down.

Seth will also admit he’s not doing well and will hope that maybe Nikki can be there for him as a fellow traveler on this journey.

Nikki will ultimately decide Seth can buy her a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights, but Victor and Victoria will talk her out of leaving the house.

That’ll lead to Nikki calling Seth back and giving him the address for the ranch.

“Isabel” aka disguised Jordan will act like it’s wonderful that Seth’s reconnecting with Nikki.

When Jordan finds out the meeting’s happening at the ranch, she’ll be even happier.

Back with Nikki, she’ll talk to Victor about how she wants to set a trap for Jordan before Jordan can set one for them first.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jordan is on the verge of making some stunning moves, so stay tuned!

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