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The Young and the Restless News: Jordan’s ultimate fate – Victor retaliates to protect Nikki – Amanda assumes control

Upcoming spoilers for The Young and the Restless between February 19 and March 1 tease that Ashley Abbott will face a pivotal decision with potentially high stakes. The week of February 19-23 […]

Upcoming spoilers for The Young and the Restless between February 19 and March 1 tease that Ashley Abbott will face a pivotal decision with potentially high stakes.

The week of February 19-23 will bring Ashley’s further mental decline, so she’ll ambush Tucker McCall in his suite and could set the stage for a dangerous showdown.

Is there some sort of split personality drama emerging for Ashley?

Could Ashley hurt Tucker or create a captivity scenario without being fully aware of her actions?

Whatever the case, Audra Charles could make a shocking discovery in the aftermath since she seems poised to head upstairs looking for Tucker.

It’ll be interesting to see if Tucker might be injured or missing.

Nate Hastings will worry that Audra is playing with fire and will try to warn her at one point, but Audra is the type of person who rarely listens to advice!

Meanwhile, Tessa Porter will give Abby Newman-Abbott updates on her decision to accept the manager spot at Society, so Abby will be ecstatic.

Now Abby can leave her restaurant in good hands while she devotes more time to her corporate gig at Chancellor-Winters since she’s joining the board.

Mariah Copeland will hang out with Abby as well and perhaps assure her that she’s totally fine with Tessa’s new job.

Abby is willing to offer some flexibility when it comes to Aria Porter-Copeland’s schedule, so everything should go smoothly.

It also looks like Mariah and Abby will have an encounter with Amanda Sinclair, who’ll stop by Society once she’s in town again.

However, Amanda will really be back for some legal conflict at Chancellor-Winters, which Billy Abbott is hoping to rename Abbott-Chancellor-Winters aka ACW.

Since Devon Hamilton-Winters will pose a roadblock, Amanda will return as Jill Abbott’s lawyer and take charge of the situation.

Even Billy will face a surprise or two once Amanda is back in the picture, so she’ll keep everyone on their toes!

As for Summer Newman-Abbott and Chance Chancellor, they’ll grow closer and will likely share another kiss during a romantic interaction.

Next, Phyllis Summers will extend an olive branch to Danny Romalotti, but she’ll no doubt have sizzling ulterior motives.

Over with Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson, they’ll band together to help Connor Newman at his school.

Connor will finally get a visit from his parents, so Chelsea and Adam will have a chance to help him through his struggles in person.

Elsewhere, Nick Newman will mull over his feelings for Sally Spectra, so he may run into her while Adam’s gone and get hit with some tough emotions.

Other The Young and the Restless spoilers spoilers say Nikki Newman will land in Jordan’s trap – and Seth will play a crucial role in that since Jordan will know about his imminent meeting at the Newman ranch.

Jordan will move forward with the next phase of her infiltration plot after Seth’s phone call to Nikki, but Victor Newman will fight back with a scheme of his own.

Michael Baldwin will be tasked with a special assignment, but it’ll be quite a challenge.

However, Michael rarely lets Victor down, so he’ll hopefully pull off his goal.

Even if Jordan succeeds in forcing Nikki off the ranch property, Victor will pull out all the stops to make sure no harm comes to his wife.

In the midst of all this, Victoria Newman will express concern for Claire Grace and the possibility that all the Jordan mayhem could send her recovery a step backward.

Back with Ashley, she’ll change her mind about something, so that could involve whatever mess she’s created regarding Tucker by then!

During the week of February 26-March 1, Adam may revisit his plan to score Sally the design division he believes she’s owed.

Victor reneged on the deal he originally offered Sally and now claims he’ll never work with her professionally.

Since Adam’s refusing to take no for an answer, we’ll see what sneaky plan he might come up with to push back and spark more father-son feuding.

Of course, Adam may not make much progress until Jordan has been dealt with for good.

Will Victor pull off his plot and make sure Jordan can never harm his family ever again?

All signs point to Jordan facing a grisly outcome, but we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

As for Ashley, will she finally get the professional help she desperately needs?

Could Ashley land in a mental health facility after spiraling too far?

The Young and the Restless spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some escalating drama, so stay tuned for all the wild news and disturbing faceoffs.

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