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The Young and the Restless News: Ashley’s intrusion, Audra’s unexpected Paris visit, and Nikki’s altered plans

Monday’s update on The Young and the Restless reveals Nikki Newman aiming to outsmart Jordan, hoping to lure her into a trap with false confidence. Victor Newman will point out Jordan was […]

Monday’s update on The Young and the Restless reveals Nikki Newman aiming to outsmart Jordan, hoping to lure her into a trap with false confidence.

Victor Newman will point out Jordan was crazy enough to set fire to a prison and caused plenty of inmates to perish, so he won’t be willing to let Nikki take the risk.

Victoria Newman will back Victor up on Nikki’s plot being too dangerous, but another debate will happen when Seth calls hoping he can meet Nikki somewhere.

Although Nikki can’t be Seth’s sponsor, she’ll realize he’s in a bad way and could use her support as a friend.

Nikki will offer to have coffee with Seth at Crimson Lights, but Victoria and Victor will beg her to just stay at the ranch where it’s safe.

After Nikki relents, she’ll get Seth back on the phone and ask if he can come to her home instead.

Seth will be fine with that, so he’ll get the address and eventually give Jordan updates on how he’s meeting Nikki at the Newman ranch.

Jordan will be tickled pink as her plan falls into place perfectly.

Next on Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Diane Jenkins-Abbott will be upset over Kyle Abbott giving R&D a decision while she was stuck in a meeting with Jack Abbott.

Kyle will argue that they needed one fast and won’t see the big deal since it was the same choice Diane would’ve made anyway.

However, Diane will remind Kyle that he’s the COO, not the co-CEO like her.

It wasn’t Kyle’s call to make, so Diane will view this as more proof that he has an issue with her being his boss.

Ashley Abbott will overhear Kyle and Diane’s fight, but she’ll be subdued and will raise red flags when she doesn’t jump at the chance to push Diane’s buttons.

Despite Jack’s attempt to get Ashley to come to dinner with them, she’ll claim she’s tired and will urge them to just bring her back some cheesecake.

It’ll seem like Ashley’s trying to pretend she’s fine and pass for her normal self, but she’ll be an emotional wreck in private.

Ashley won’t be able to shut up the whispers in her mind, so she’ll let a driver take her out again.

It won’t be long until Ashley ends up at the athletic club, so that’ll set the stage for some trouble.

At Society, Abby Newman-Abbott will welcome Tessa Porter to the team after Tessa officially comes on board as her new manager.

Jack, Kyle and Diane will all be pleased over Abby’s news about Tessa, so they’ll offer support as they dine at the restaurant.

At home later, Jack will search unsuccessfully for Ashley while Diane pressures Kyle for his true feelings about working for her.

Kyle will ultimately come clean about it being harder than expected and will hint that he’s struggling when it comes to resentment.

In bed together, Tucker McCall will fill Audra Charles in on some plane tickets and will get her approval on a little trip to Europe.

Tucker will think they can meet with the new board at Glissade, scope out some companies they want to buy and take in the sights of Paris as well.

When Audra seems uneasy about whether Tucker can handle going back there so soon, he’ll make it clear that Ashley won’t taint lovely Paris for him.

In the dining area, Audra will think it’s weird to let her guard down with Tucker and will wonder if this is too good to be true, but he’ll promise it’s the real deal.

Audra will also wonder whether they should move Glissade’s headquarters to GC or start a new life together in Paris.

Although Audra will insist she’ll go wherever Tucker goes, she’ll get it when he says he wants to stay in town and try to make amends with Devon Hamilton-Winters.

After Audra offers some helpful guidance about patience and no more scheming, she’ll hold hands with Tucker as Ashley glares in the distance.

Since Audra won’t want the evening to end, she’ll get Tucker on board with a nightcap.

Tucker will just have to run upstairs for a few minutes to handle some calls first.

That’ll lead to Tucker opening the door to his room and finding a smug-looking Ashley sitting in a chair waiting for him.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Ashley’s mental state is as fragile as ever, so Tucker had better be careful!

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