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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon unable to wed Sheila, Hope disrupts the engagement

Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap reveals Luna Nozawa reassuring RJ Forrester that he has not done anything wrong. RJ wondered what Luna wanted him to know about last night, […]

Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap reveals Luna Nozawa reassuring RJ Forrester that he has not done anything wrong.

RJ wondered what Luna wanted him to know about last night, so she said he had no idea how much she wished she’d been with him after the party.

After RJ reassured Luna about having many more nights together, he gushed over how kind, funny and honest she was.

Luna never thought she could love someone like this, so the last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt RJ.

After RJ insisted Luna was never going to lose him, she got him to say it again as she embraced him.

Meanwhile, Poppy Nozawa barged in the design office at Forrester Creations and told Zende Forrester Dominguez she needed to know exactly what happened last night.

Zende reiterated that he’d never take advantage of Luna or anyone else before putting the blame on Poppy over the mint situation.

Poppy admitted things may get messier since it looked like Luna was going to come clean.

Zende worried that RJ wouldn’t understand – especially if his cousin was involved – and that it could be a deal-breaker.

Zende couldn’t help but worry that Luna was about to lose everything.

Poppy assumed Zende must think she’s a terrible mother, but he insisted he didn’t know her well enough to think that.

However, Zende knew Luna was amazing and figured Poppy must have a lot to do with that since she raised her.

That said, Zende thought it was careless and irresponsible to leave the drug-laced mints lying around, so Poppy acted like there was no need to keep piling on.

It was obvious that Poppy had plenty of regrets, so Zende touched her arm and comforted her a bit.

Poppy refused to accept that this mistake would ruin Luna’s relationship with RJ, but she seemed pensive.

At Il Giardino, Hope Logan approached Deacon Sharpe and made one last appeal to get him to end his relationship with Sheila Carter.

Hope got Deacon to admit he missed her along with the kids, so she felt it was hurtful for him to choose an actual psychopath over his own family.

Sheila eavesdropped nearby as Hope ranted about how there were millions of other women in LA to choose from.

Although Hope worried about Sheila turning on a time and hurting one of them, Deacon said she wouldn’t do that.

Sheila eventually joined the conversation and mentioned seeing someone from her past, but she said it was no one important.

Although Sheila wanted another chance and some compassion, Hope didn’t think she deserved it since she was the same manipulative monster she’d always been.

If Sheila wanted to show real growth, then Hope urged her to walk away from the relationship and see how much it was costing Deacon.

After Hope left, Deacon assured Sheila that he wouldn’t let his daughter come between them.

When Sheila brought up Deacon’s secret marriage proposal, he acted uncomfortable.

If Deacon married Sheila, he feared he may never see Hope again. Sheila asked if Deacon was saying that he didn’t want to marry her.

“Not yet…not now,” Deacon said on Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode.

That left Sheila worrying that Deacon didn’t ever want to marry her.

The last thing Deacon wanted to do was hurt Sheila, but he couldn’t keep ignoring what Hope was saying.

Sheila made it clear that Deacon indeed hurt her before stomping off and sulking around the corner.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Sheila’s on the verge of causing more mayhem, so stay tuned for updates on all the wild news that’s brewing.

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