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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Audra targets Ashley – Billy faces Chance hurdles

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Monday, February 26, unveils a heated exchange between Devon Hamilton-Winters and Billy Abbott over a potential deal, all while Esther Valentine listens in on […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Monday, February 26, unveils a heated exchange between Devon Hamilton-Winters and Billy Abbott over a potential deal, all while Esther Valentine listens in on their conversation at the office.

After Esther interrupts to push for peace, Billy will relent on at least taking the meeting Devon’s trying to sell him on.

Next on Monday’s Y&R episode, Nate Hastings will bring Chance Chancellor in so he can make his music festival pitch.

Devon will think it’s the right time and will be ready to move forward with the idea right away, but Billy will pump the brakes and act like it needs work.

Chance will be disappointed and a bit baffled by Billy’s reaction, but Nate will act like maybe Billy’s trying to assert his mentor position.

Chance will also meet up with Summer Newman to discuss how Devon and Nate loved his pitch while Billy wasn’t enthusiastic.

It’ll leave Chance feeling like Billy’s response was perhaps more about his conflict with Devon and the need to go against him.

Meanwhile, Tucker McCall will accuse Audra Charles of being paranoid and will get angry when she pushes him to swear he didn’t secretly speak with Ashley Abbott.

Although Tucker will nearly storm out, Audra will convince him to stay and make it clear that she’s just concerned because things are going so well between them.

Tucker will offer reassurance about their relationship staying on solid ground, but Audra will obviously view Ashley as a threat and won’t understand what changed.

After Tucker says Ashley realized he was right about Paris, Audra will assume he did meet with her and will push for honesty.

Tucker will come clean about Ashley showing up in his suite to apologize since she knows the truth now.

However, Tucker will assure Audra that Ashley broke their relationship beyond repair.

Audra will still think Ashley’s going to do whatever she can to get Tucker back, so Tucker will suggest she can bring it.

In Tucker’s suite, he’ll appease Audra by making their Paris flight arrangements before they ultimately hit the sheets.

Once Tucker is asleep, Audra will get dressed and sneak out.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci Abbott will give Jack Abbott updates on Ashley’s abrupt turnaround since she told Tucker she was wrong about Paris.

Jack will grow concerned when Traci admits she got the impression Ashley might forgive Tucker and try again with him.

When Ashley appears, she’ll act like she’s got everything under control.

Ashley will hint that reuniting with Tucker would mean risking the Abbott family’s wrath, but she’ll avoid outright denying the possibility of a reunion.

After Billy enters, Ashley will greet him before leaving the house.

That’ll give Jack and Traci a chance to voice their fears about Ashley getting back together with Tucker, but Billy will think they should trust Ashley and back off.

At Society, Tessa Porter will explain to Ashley that she’s the new manager now.

Abby Newman-Abbott will bring Ashley up to speed on her decision to hire Tessa because of her own move to join Chancellor-Winters’ board of directors.

Ashley will also tell Abby and eventually Devon about her epiphany regarding the fight with Tucker.

Once Ashley recaps her investigation at The Bistro, she’ll concede that her mind made the confrontation out to be more aggressive than it actually was.

Ashley will worry that her false version of events contributed to Devon pushing Tucker away, so she’ll urge him to reconsider if that’s the case.

Devon will act like this is bigger than just him since he’s protecting his family, but Ashley will hope he gives everything she’s told him some thought.

Once Ashley leaves, Abby and Devon will mull over Ashley’s change of heart.

If Devon does open himself up to Tucker again, Abby will admit it won’t be so easy for her to forgive and forget.

Nearby, Mariah Copeland will tease Tessa by pretending to be an obnoxious customer before joking about all her demands now that her wife is manager.

After Ashley heads back to the Abbott mansion, she’ll hear the doorbell and open up to find Audra standing there.

Audra will insist that Ashley had her say, so now she’ll feel it’s her turn to set a few things straight.

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Ashley and Audra have quite a faceoff coming up, so stick with us for more news on their rivalry.

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