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The Young and the Restless News: Summer’s shocker, peacemaker, and angry guest

Monday’s The Young and the Restless spoilers update discloses that Traci informs Jack about Ashley’s unexpected change of heart regarding the café confrontation, acknowledging her mistake. Jack will worry when he finds out […]

Monday’s The Young and the Restless spoilers update discloses that Traci informs Jack about Ashley’s unexpected change of heart regarding the café confrontation, acknowledging her mistake.

Jack will worry when he finds out Ashley apologized to Tucker McCall and seems like she might want him back.

However, Ashley will appear and act like her siblings are being overprotective.

Although Ashley will hint about the Abbott family anger she’d face if she got back together with Tucker, she’ll try to sidestep questions about that possible reunion.

At Chancellor-Winters, Esther Valentine will catch Billy Abbott and Devon Hamilton-Winters arguing, so she’ll urge them to consider what their fathers would think about all this feuding.

Although Billy and Devon will find a path to peace briefly, there’ll be more trouble after Chance Chancellor pitches his music festival idea.

Devon will want to give it the green light right away, but Billy will think they need to slow down and put more work into it.

Chance will seem bummed over Billy’s lack of support, but Nate Hastings will think perhaps Billy’s just trying to exercise his authority.

At the athletic club, Summer Newman will be surprised over Chance’s pitch not going as well as he hoped.

Chance will admit that although Devon and Nate were on board, Billy acted like he deserved a pat on the head and a “better luck next time.”

Based on what Chance knows about the tension between Devon and Billy, he’ll suspect that maybe Billy just wanted to go against Devon on the proposal.

At Society on Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Ashley will talk to Tessa Porter at the front before quizzing Abby Newman-Abbott about the staff changes she’s been making.

Abby will explain that it’s because she’s joining the board at Chancellor-Winters, so Ashley will see that they have a lot to catch up on.

That’ll lead to Ashley offering updates on her change of heart regarding the bistro faceoff.

Ashley will get that her brain twisted that confrontation into a worse version, so she’ll be sorry she tarnished Tucker’s already bad reputation.

When Devon enters the discussion, Ashley will hope he reevaluates his relationship with Tucker if her badmouthing played a role in causing problems.

Devon won’t think Ashley should feel guilty since she was scared regardless of the level of the fight.

As for Tucker, Devon will remain wary since he’s got a family to protect, but Ashley will hint that he should mull over what she said.

Meanwhile, Tessa will hear a patron griping loudly nearby, but she’ll laugh it off when she sees that Mariah Copeland is just messing with her on her first day.

At the GCAC, Tucker will lash out over Audra Charles’ incessant Ashley questions and will suggest she’s the obsessed one.

Audra will stop Tucker from stomping off and urge him to see that she’s just worried about losing their stable romance.

Tucker will do his best to reassure Audra, who’ll eventually figure out that he must’ve met with Ashley in secret.

Audra won’t be mad about Tucker keeping that from her, but she’ll at least want him to be honest now.

Tucker will confess that Ashley somehow got inside his room when he went upstairs to make phone calls.

Ashley wanted to tell Tucker about her fender-bender and the epiphany it led to, so Tucker will explain their conversation and Ashley’s change of heart.

Although Audra will feel certain Ashley’s seeking a Tucker reunion, he’ll claim the damage was irreparable and that Ashley won’t get what she wants.

In Tucker’s suite, Audra will push him to stop stalling on their Paris trip, so he’ll make a phone call to arrange their flight before hopping in bed with her.

After Tucker drifts off to sleep, Audra will put her clothes back on and slip out the door undetected.

At the Abbott mansion again, Billy will find out Jack and Traci are worried about Ashley getting back together with Tucker, but he’ll make a case for why they should trust that Ashley’s got a grip on things.

Traci will eventually decide Billy’s right, but Jack won’t seem as certain about backing off.

Once Ashley returns to the house and finds herself alone, she’ll answer the door and find Audra waiting to speak her mind.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say all this Tucker drama will lead to some shockers, so stick with the CBS soap for all the wild news ahead.

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