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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Audra’s paternal concerns are exposed – Ashley orchestrates a covert invitation to Tucker

In the The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, February 27, Jack Abbott shares his worries about Ashley during a meal at the GCAC with Diane Jenkins-Abbott and Kyle Abbott. Although […]

In the The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, February 27, Jack Abbott shares his worries about Ashley during a meal at the GCAC with Diane Jenkins-Abbott and Kyle Abbott.

Although Kyle and Diane will feel like Jack should trust Ashley, he’ll still have some worries about Tucker McCall pulling her back in for more heartbreak.

As a result, Jack will confront Tucker once he spots him across the room.

Tucker will act like Jack’s iron grip on his family is pathetic, but Jack will think Tucker is the pathetic one and will warn him to stay away from Ashley.

However, Tucker will act like Ashley may be the one who’s unable to stay away from him!

Back with Diane and Kyle, they’ll discuss Diane’s fears about Jack’s situation with Nikki Newman.

Diane will seem concerned about Jack’s own addiction becoming a problem again, but Kyle will offer reassurance.

Next, talk will turn to Kyle’s resentment of Diane since she has the Jabot position that he always wanted.

Diane will wonder how they can fix that, but Jack will interrupt before they can continue their conversation.

Kyle and Diane won’t see the point of antagonizing Tucker, but Jack will hope that Tucker does something they can use to crucify him with.

At the Abbott mansion, Audra Charles will barge in to deliver a warning to Ashley since she had her chance with him and blew it.

Ashley will accuse Audra of having “daddy issues” and won’t seem scared of her at all.

Audra will push Ashley to admit she wants Tucker back, but Ashley will insist she doesn’t have to admit anything to the “bitch.”

Although Audra will act like she’s capable of playing far dirtier than her rival, Ashley will open the door and throw her out.

Once Ashley is alone, she’ll hear her own voice inside her head questioning if this is really the best way to deal with things.

Ashley will reassure herself before Jack, Diane and Kyle come home.

After Ashley acts upbeat, she’ll hint about being excited about her future and will claim she’s messing around with an idea in the lab.

Diane will think Ashley sounds completely over Tucker and will urge Jack to stop worrying, but Jack won’t seem so sure.

Back in Tucker’s suite, Audra will look pensive as she pours herself a drink.

Tucker will join her and guess that she’s been to confront Ashley, so Audra will admit she did.

Audra will also suggest she’s not feeling insecure now that she’s told Ashley where they stand.

If Ashley tries to come between Audra and Tucker, Audra will argue that they’re going to have a situation on their hands.

Tucker will think they should let that be the end of it since nothing good comes from provoking.

Audra will correct Tucker since it wasn’t a provocation; it was a warning.

Soon after on Tuesday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Ashley will get Tucker on the phone and ask him to meet up for a drink.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda Sinclair will talk to Phyllis Summers about returning to handle the drama at Chancellor-Winters.

Phyllis will wonder if Billy Abbott needs an ally, so Amanda will admit that troublemakers usually do.

Phyllis will steer the discussion away from herself and offer sympathy over Amanda’s mother, who she should’ve had more time with.

Amanda will admit she’s grateful for the time she did have and will ultimately have to get back down to business at the office.

Meanwhile, Chance Chancellor will try to hash things out with Billy Abbott since he’ll feel like Billy shut down his pitch because of his problems with Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Billy will act like he’s just trying to help Chance learn the ropes and protect him, but Chance will feel like he needs some room to grow instead.

Once Amanda arrives, Chance will run into Abby Newman-Abbott as he’s leaving.

Abby will end up following Chance to the coffeehouse, so he’ll give her updates on the situation with Billy.

Chance will get the news that Abby’s joining the Chancellor-Winters board – and he’ll hear about Abby’s earlier run-in with Amanda as well.

Abby will make it clear that she wants the best for Chance, so he’ll hint about things in his life heading in that direction.

Back at Chancellor-Winters, Amanda will warn Billy to work things out with Chance since he’s Jill Abbott’s grandson, but Billy will feel like Amanda needs to trust him.

At Society, Nate Hastings will talk to Mamie Johnson about all the Billy trouble at Chancellor-Winters.

Mamie will be intrigued over Chance looking up to Nate and will act like he could be helpful to them.

As for Jill Abbott’s stranglehold, Mamie will think it’s gone on long enough.

Nate won’t want more conflict, but Mamie will feel like it’s time to take back control of their family’s company.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say there’s much more Chancellor-Winters turmoil to come, so stay tuned!

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