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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Claire stages a family photoshoot – Ashley awakens

In Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless recap, Victoria confronts Victor for his secret maneuvering to secure Claire Grace’s early release. Despite her objections, Victor defends his actions, receiving support from Nikki. […]

In Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless recap, Victoria confronts Victor for his secret maneuvering to secure Claire Grace’s early release.

Despite her objections, Victor defends his actions, receiving support from Nikki.

Victoria will threaten to tell Claire that she’ll turn her back on her if she goes along with this risky idea, but Nikki will insist she can’t do that.

After more bickering, Victoria will get fed up and storm out of the ranch.

Afterward, Victor will relay the details of his scheme to Nikki.

It turns out that as soon as Claire’s released, Victor will intend to make big splash in the press about a long-lost Newman daughter returning.

Victor will want a family photoshoot featuring Claire, Victoria and Cole Howard, but Nikki will worry about drawing attention to everyone at the ranch.

In response to Nikki’s concern, Victor will clarify that he wants to stage the photo so it looks as if it was taken in Victoria’s house – THAT will be the trap.

Although Nikki will have her doubts about getting Victoria on board, Victor will feel confident that their daughter can be convinced.

At the psych ward, Claire will tell Michael Baldwin that she’s decided she wants to move forward with her early release and help the Newmans take down Jordan.

Michael will admit he’s already put things in motion, so Claire will suspect Victor lied about it being her choice whether she wanted to be released.

Even so, Claire will be committed to righting her wrongs and doing whatever she can to help.

When Cole visits later, he’ll get news on Claire’s decision. Cole will assure Claire that he’s worried rather than angry, but she’ll do a good job of convincing him that this is something she really wants to do.

Once Victoria shows up next, Cole will try to help her understand that it’s Claire’s choice to go along with Victor’s plan.

Claire will acknowledge that she can do this with or without Victoria’s support, but she’ll hope for Victoria’s blessing and will call her “Mom” as part of her pitch.

Victoria will ultimately relent, but she’ll want some ground rules in place to ensure Claire’s safety – and they’ll be non-negotiable.

As for Michael, he’ll visit the ranch to let Victor and Nikki know that Claire’s early release is in the works, so he’ll expect the judge’s ruling by the following morning.

Victor will want to work fast on the rest of his plan and will assure Michael that Claire’s parents will come around on everything.

In Tucker McCall’s suite, Audra Charles will snatch the phone away from him when she realizes Ashley Abbott is on the other end of the line.

After Audra acts like Ashley is pathetic and once again pushes her to back off, she’ll hang up on her.

Next on Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Ashley will hear a voice inside her head advising against how she’s handling this, but she’ll shush it and insist Tucker just needs time.

Meanwhile, Tucker will think he needs to be the one to end this, so he’ll feel like he should meet up with Ashley for the drink she wanted.

Since Tucker won’t have anything to hide, he’ll push Audra to come with him and will text Ashley back to make plans.

Downstairs at the GCAC, Ashley will basically scoff over Audra’s presence and won’t let that deter her from a dramatic display to get Tucker back.

Tucker will act like their relationship has proven it’s never going to work, but Ashley will make a big speech to push for a reunion.

Ashley will acknowledge that she’s responsible for the destruction of her marriage to Tucker, but she’ll think they can get their life back on track and run Glissade together.

Once Ashley says they could have everything they ever dreamed of, she’ll know Tucker can’t resist that and will plant a kiss as she leaves.

Audra will be appalled and will push Tucker to tell her that he didn’t fall for that performance once they’re back up in his suite.

After Audra declares that she’s done with Ashley’s toxicity, she’ll insist they should go to Paris tonight.

When Tucker doesn’t offer an immediate response, Audra will angrily ask if they have a problem.

At the Abbott house, Ashley will pour herself a drink and hear her own voice inside her head saying she doesn’t like there this is headed.

After Ashley’s inner voice yells at her to wake up, Ashley will seemingly snap out of it and cry while looking rather bewildered.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say this certainly seems like a split personality situation, so stay tuned for updates on all the chaos that’s still to come.

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