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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki uncovers the true identity of “Isabelle” – Jordan and joins forces with Seth

In the The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, March 1, Nikki Newman shows up at Newman Media accompanied by a security guard named Larry. Upon spotting a bouquet of flowers, […]

In the The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, March 1, Nikki Newman shows up at Newman Media accompanied by a security guard named Larry.

Upon spotting a bouquet of flowers, Nikki checks the card and contacts Seth to express her gratitude.

Seth will have some news that he’d like to give Nikki over coffee, so she’ll agree to come to Crimson Lights as long as he doesn’t mind a security guard hovering nearby.

Once Nikki joins Seth on the patio, he’ll quiz her about the reason for the extra security and will ask if this is about the woman who pumped her full of vodka.

Nikki will confirm that Jordan broke out of prison and is targeting her again, but she’ll ultimately want to change the subject.

Seth will give Nikki updates on his decision to enter rehab, so she’ll be glad that he’s taking control of his recovery.

After Seth mentions “Isabelle” advising him to get in touch with Nikki and fix their friendship, Nikki won’t recognize that name – nor will she recall their drinking days or the falling out that “Isabelle” told Seth about.

Nikki will get Seth to describe “Isabelle” before asking if it’s possible that she was wearing a wig.

Seth will realize Nikki suspects “Isabelle” might be Jordan and will give her the phone number “Isabelle” gave him so she can confirm her suspicions.

Nikki will also ask Seth to string Jordan along and report back to her if anything comes of it, so he’ll insist she can consider it done.

Seth will feel terrible for putting Nikki in more danger, but she’ll think he might’ve given her the upper hand instead.

At the Newman ranch on Friday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Claire Grace will marvel over her guest suite and the grand tour she was given off-screen.

Victor Newman, Victoria Newman and Cole Howard will all be quite welcoming, but Claire will worry that maybe Nikki doesn’t approve since she isn’t around.

However, Victor will explain that Nikki convinced him to let her go back to the office as long as she kept a security guard close.

As for the media coverage of Claire’s release, Victor will insist he’s already set it in motion.

Victoria will assure Claire that this isn’t just about baiting Jordan; it’s also about publicly cementing Claire’s place in the family.

In a moment alone, Claire will talk to Victoria about her new siblings and wonder if they’ll accept her, so Victoria will feel certain that they will.

Later, Nikki will return home and assure Claire that she’s been expecting her.

After Nikki gives Claire a warm welcome, Victor will talk about how they need to release more information to rile Jordan up.

Victor will also give Claire a cell phone and mention that it’ll be monitored as part of her release rules.

Claire will ask how Jordan will know to call her on that, but Nikki will pipe up and suggest that she may have a way for Claire to contact Jordan.

“And if I’m right, your aunt has already made her first mistake,” Nikki will insist.

At The Empty Glass, Jordan will research Claire’s name online and fume over the Newman family taking her in.

When Seth shows up, he’ll glare as he approaches Jordan and asks what she isn’t telling him.

Seth will demand to know what Jordan is trying to pull with Nikki.

At Society, Nina Webster will be back in town for a visit, so she’ll catch up with Christine Blair and offer advice on the love triangle saga.

Nina will think that if Christine makes it known that she’s backing off, Danny Romalotti will realize what he has to lose and will fight for her.

Once Christine decides that’s the right idea, she’ll leave Danny a voicemail in hopes of meeting up to talk over drinks or dinner tonight.

At the GCAC, Phyllis Summers will overhear Danny making plans to go back on tour.

Danny will confirm that he’s leaving in two weeks, but Phyllis will wonder if he really wants to go when they’re so close to getting back together.

After Danny once again insists that they’re just friends and co-parents, Phyllis will at least think she deserves a goodbye dinner – and she’ll want it to happen tonight.

Danny will agree to the dinner, so Phyllis will decide she has a special request and will plan to rent a restaurant out so Danny can cook for her.

Danny will seem a bit uneasy, but Phyllis will maintain that it’s a going-away present for her.

Once Phyllis pushes Danny to make “the sauce,” she’ll suggest that it’s only fair for her to get a taste since Christine did.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Phyllis clearly has a few more tricks up her sleeve when it comes to Danny, so stay tuned!

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