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The Young and the Restless News: Jordan prepares to depart, Kyle encounters Claire, heartache strikes, and Nikki issues an SOS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from March 4 to March 15, tease a rare moment of civility between Billy Abbott and Adam Newman in the waiting […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from March 4 to March 15, tease a rare moment of civility between Billy Abbott and Adam Newman in the waiting room as they await Connor Newman’s specialist appointment.

During the week of March 4-8, Adam and Billy will talk about some of their past mental health struggles as well as how therapy was helpful.

Counseling will prove beneficial for Connor as well since Dr. Alcott will offer updates on his official OCD diagnosis and form a treatment plan for him.

Billy, Adam and Chelsea Lawson will all support Connor as he works to manage his condition.

Meanwhile, Phyllis Summers will rent out Society for her special dinner with Danny Romalotti, but it looks like he’ll call the whole thing off after making amends with Christine Blair.

Danny will decide he wants a future with Christine by his side, but he’ll have to put Phyllis in her place first.

Since Phyllis has trouble taking no for an answer, Danny may have to push her out of his life completely – at least if she can’t learn to respect boundaries.

As for Summer Newman and Chance Chancellor, the attraction between them will grow stronger.

It looks like Chance and Summer may get passionate in the bedroom as their relationship blossoms.

Amanda Sinclair will deal with some Mamie Johnson drama at Chancellor-Winters, so Abby Newman-Abbott may have concerns about her board seat since there’ll be so much upheaval.

Devon Hamilton-Winters will make a vow to Abby, so he may promise he won’t let her get shut out – or maybe his promise will involve looking out for Ashley Abbott instead.

Abby could easily have concerns about Ashley getting too close to Tucker McCall, so Devon might vow to look after Abby’s mom and stop Tucker from doing any more damage.

However, Devon and Abby don’t have all the facts since Ashley’s mental state is clearly fractured.

It seems like Ashley has another personality that comes out to play while her true self hides somewhere within.

Ashley’s other personality may go off the rails soon since Tucker will witness a whole new side of her.

How far will this version of Ashley take her seduction of Tucker?

Could Audra Charles walk in on the exes in a compromising position?

Whatever the case, Jack Abbott will realize something isn’t quite right and will voice his concerns about Ashley in the coming episodes.

On another note, Nikki Newman will hide something from Victor Newman, so that should tie in with her plan to take Jordan down with Seth’s help.

Jordan will eventually embrace a new identity as part of her latest scheme, so she may have a fresh disguise and a new strategy to confront Claire Grace.

Victor was hoping to lure Jordan to Victoria Newman’s place and keep the ranch safe, but will Jordan figure out his game and move forward with a ranch ambush anyway?

Regardless, Jordan will make Victoria a target and bring even more danger to the table, so some alarming news is ahead for Nikki and Victor.

It turns out Victor will finally get the faceoff with Jordan that he wants, so he’ll hand down an ultimatum once that happens.

Jordan may be ordered to surrender to the authorities or risk a grim fate!

Nikki will also send out an SOS to Jack at some point, so he’ll step up to hopefully stop Nikki from drinking since it could make a bad situation even worse.

The week of March 11-15 will bring the aftermath of Jordan and Victor’s faceoff, so will Jordan leave in handcuffs or a body bag?

Since a prison couldn’t hold Jordan, The Young and the Restless might choose a more fatal exit route this time around.

As for Diane Jenkins-Abbott, she’ll have to keep dealing with Jack and Nikki’s growing bond. Diane may feel Jack’s getting a little too close for comfort when it comes to his former flame.

There’s also the matter of Jack’s old addiction and Diane’s fears about his support of Nikki triggering it all over again.

Is Diane right to be worried or is she overreacting?

Kyle Abbott will try to make peace with Diane’s co-CEO position at Jabot, so that could open the door to some other storylines – like a chance at new love.

Claire and Kyle will get a “meet cute” in the not-too-distant future, so it looks like these two could become a couple down the road.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Claire will have to focus on her recovery for a while, but she could be poised to become Harrison Abbott’s nanny eventually.

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