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Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Shocks Everyone – Steffy Labeled a Murd.erer?

Next week on Bold and Beautiful, Finn’s reaction to Steffy Forrester’s actions leaves everyone astounded, showcasing behavior that is baffling to viewers of the CBS soap. The fact that Steffy fatally stabbed […]

Next week on Bold and Beautiful, Finn’s reaction to Steffy Forrester’s actions leaves everyone astounded, showcasing behavior that is baffling to viewers of the CBS soap.

The fact that Steffy fatally stabbed his mother is something John Finnegan struggles to comprehend.

However, he’s also significantly falling short in his role as a supportive spouse. As a result, his conduct might contribute to accusations against his wife as a murderer.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester & Finn Face Challenges

Finn’s departure from Steffy at the sound of approaching police sirens disgusted her. This act of indifference was also witnessed by her father, Ridge, marking Finn as an uncaring husband.

The news of his mother’s death is undoubtedly devastating for Finn. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that she came with the intent to kill his wife.

The ordeal Steffy Forrester endured was nothing short of nightmarish. She was menaced by Sheila in her own home before ultimately taking a life.

Regardless of the victim’s villainous nature, the act of taking a life is a significant burden.

This would naturally be a heavy load for anyone to bear, despite reassurances from others that Sheila got what she deserved. Nonetheless, Steffy will discover next week that not everyone is on her side.

So, repercussions seem to be around every corner next week for the Forrester daughter. But instead of support from a caring husband, John Finnegan turns angry.

Finn looks at his wife as if she shouldn’t have done this. Next week, he tells her he needs some time to deal with the enormity of this horrific event.

She’s not only hurt but also angry over her husband’s reaction. So, Bold and the Beautiful tainted Finn big-time for the fans last week. Especially in the scene with the police on their way.

That’s when his wife really needed him, but he ran away.

B&B Spoilers: What’s Happening to Finn?

Maybe Finn always thought that someday things would calm down and Sheila would prove herself a changed woman. He cried while revealing his pain over never getting to know her now that Steffy killed her.

When Ridge showed up at his daughter’s house the second time, he was peeved that Finn wasn’t there with his wife.

But the police were there and Lt. Baker didn’t show much empathy toward the Forrester daughter after her horrendous ordeal.

So, next week on Bold and Beautiful, this top cop is not about to leave a distraught Steffy alone.

While Baker questioned Steffy Forrester, Finn found a shoulder to cry on across town. Hope showed up at her dad and Sheila’s apartment.

She was there to tell Deacon about Sheila’s death, but Finn had beaten her to it. After hearing the devastating news, her dad left so, the two were alone.

It seems like Bold and the Beautiful used the time between Hope and Finn to share John Finnegan’s mindset.

Finn can’t get past Steffy killing his mother. It looks like that marriage made in heaven has a rocky path ahead. If Finn doesn’t snap out of it, a complete demise of their marriage could be in the cards.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Happening to Steffy?

Steffy Forrester soon has the opportunity to experience what Sheila Carter felt like when she was shunned as a murderer. While Steffy defended herself by stabbing her mother-in-law, that’s not how some people will take this… starting with her husband.

It appears Lt. Baker continues with his lack of empathy next week. His line of questioning suggests he thinks there’s more to this stabbing than Steffy lets on.

The police not finding a weapon on her mother-in-law doesn’t help matters much. Plus, Lt Baker likely gets wind of Steffy saying she couldn’t live without fear until Sheila was dead. And Finn might be the one to share that with the police.

Then, Deacon is also aware of what Steffy Forrester said about wanting Sheila Carter dead. Plus, he knows that she punched her mother-in-law in the face. So, it’s likely Steffy won’t be seen as someone favorable by Deacon, considering she killed the woman he loves.

Because the Forresters are such a high-profile family, news of this killing likely gets around fast. Steffy Forrester might find herself surrounded by people whispering at work and in public.

This wasn’t just a cut-and-dry self-defense stabbing. She killed John Finnegan’s mother, the woman who gave birth to her husband. So, she likely gets a taste of what it was like to walk in Sheila’s shoes after some people brand this mom of two a killer.

For Bold and the Beautiful fans, the writing is on the wall… so, what’s happening to Steffy? One thing that’s happening is Hope Logan, she’s likely soon a problem in the Forrester daughter’s marriage. She’s on Finn’s side.

So, unless Finn wakes up and supports Steffy Forrester, it’s just a matter of time before B&B starts to rock their marriage boat. Maybe even to the point of sinking it on the CBS soap.

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