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Bold and the Beautiful Predict: Sheila’s Last Surprise for Deacon Unearthed?

Bold and Beautiful confirms Sheila Carter’s demise, showcasing Deacon Sharpe’s farewell to her in the morgue’s chilling embrace this week on the CBS drama. Contrary to expectations, he overlooks inspecting her toes, […]

Bold and Beautiful confirms Sheila Carter’s demise, showcasing Deacon Sharpe’s farewell to her in the morgue’s chilling embrace this week on the CBS drama.

Contrary to expectations, he overlooks inspecting her toes, a detail many presumed he would. Yet, there’s speculation that Deacon might soon find a final, considerate present left by the woman he cherished.

Hints Drop on Escape Path for Sheila Carter

Sheila had been visiting with someone from her past before she died. Deacon had no idea who that was or even where she went to have those visits. So, it’s possible that this manipulative woman was in cahoots with someone.

Dying the way that she did on Bold and Beautiful took care of two problems for the nine-toed woman. She put Steffy in the hot seat with the law.

This would work as retaliation for this mother-in-law, after Steffy came after her in her own home, succeeding in landing a punch in her face.

Plus, this also paved the way for Deacon to have a relationship with his daughter and her family. If she became capable of loving Deacon, despite popular thought that couldn’t happen, maybe she put him first.

So, it’s possible that she changed enough to leave him so he could have that relationship with his daughter.

In the past, Sheila Carter went to great lengths to get what she wanted. So, if she wanted this for Deacon, why wouldn’t the same be true today on Bold and the Beautiful?

Deacon Sharpe Oblivious to Sheila’s Plan

This week, Bold and the Beautiful tossed in several hints about Sheila as a changed woman. As Deacon talked to her lifeless body in the morgue, he asked her what happened.

Deacon Sharpe believed that she had changed. Even after what happened, he remained convinced that she righted her ways.

Bold and Beautiful is often careful with the wording used in the scripts for the characters. And usually, there’s a good reason for that. One such incident popped up with Ridge after the deranged woman’s death.

When talking to family members, Ridge said, the EMTs pronounced Sheila dead when they came to Steffy’s house.

That sentence seemed out of sync. He made a point of announcing who called her time of death. But B&B could have a good reason to throw that in.

Sheila’s Elaborate Gift to Deacon

Sheila Carter was with someone during all those disappearing acts from Deacon Sharpe.

It’s possible she put together an elaborate ploy to give Deacon his family back and, at the same time, punish her daughter-in-law. But how could she pull this off?

First, look at the Bold and the Beautiful scene where Sheila lunges at Steffy. The lunatic came with netting over her face, so she looked like she was there to do a devious deed. But it still gave her enough exposure for Steffy to see who she was.

Before lunging at her daughter-in-law, she put her hand in her pocket. It was as if she were about to pull out a weapon.

This gave Steffy the impression she was about to brandish a gun. But Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) said they found no weapon.

Despite Steffy picking up a huge carving knife, the unarmed intruder lunged at her anyway. So, this makes no sense, or does it?

Punishing Steffy Forrester

What if Sheila had on protective gear under enough padding so it would give the impression the knife plunged deep into her chest?

All Sheila would need is a bag of fake blood inside that coat, so the knife would be coated with red stuff when her daughter-in-law pulled it out.

Look back at the Bold and Beautiful scene, where the EMTs worked on Sheila. They seemed a bit aloof about the whole thing.

They said the coroner was on the way to collect the body. Sheila and her underworld cohorts could have paid off the EMTs and some random coroner. Sure, that is a big stretch, but this is B&B.

What About Sheila’s Body in the Morgue…

Okay, so they get that far with faking death for Sheila Carter, but what about in the morgue? Deacon Sharpe already got his closure by taking a look at his beloved fiancé, a fact he kept under wraps when she was alive.

In the past, Bold and the Beautiful has used plastic surgery in Sheila Carter’s storylines. So, why not again? But this time, while the changed woman was out visiting that friend, maybe she got her hands on a dead body.

Not by killing someone, but possibly stealing an unclaimed body from a morgue or one that was on the way to a medical university as a practice cadaver.

Then, she could find some unscrupulous doctor who molded the dead woman into Sheila Carter. So, the coroner’s vehicle pulls over, Sheila slithers out, and they slide her sculpted doppelgänger back into the wagon, and off they go.

It’s All in the Toes?

Now that her identification was made, there’s no reason for anyone to look at a corpse’s feet. So maybe the nine-toed woman banked on that.

But if Sheila Carter faked her death like she had before, it is that missing toe that will probably give her away.

Someone might get the idea and insist on looking at her feet within the next few days. If not, that clue could be gone for good if that body is cremated, or even buried.

The Forresters have the clout. So, if a body needs to be exhumed down the line, they’d likely find a way to make it happen.

Without killing someone in the process of this ploy, this prediction is probably the only way they could fake her death. She’d have to pay off the EMTs, and a coroner, along with a few other people.

But the devious woman once told Deacon Sharpe that she had access to more money than he could spend in a lifetime.

So, did this woman, who Deacon Sharpe loved, leave him a gift? If she faked her death, she paved the way for him to now reunite with his family.

This might be the reason that she created this ploy in the first place. That’s only if it rings true.

Then, once her daughter-in-law punched her in the face, she had a gift for her too. The gift of retaliation, as Steffy is now looked at as a killer by her husband.

And, it looks like the police aren’t done with her yet as well on the CBS soap.

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