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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas reacts angrily to Finn’s actions – Hope worries about Steffy’s marriage

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Monday, March 11th, John “Finn” Finnegan finds himself haunted by a vivid dream that feels all too real. He confides in […]

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Monday, March 11th, John “Finn” Finnegan finds himself haunted by a vivid dream that feels all too real.

He confides in Steffy Forrester about Sheila Carter’s desperate plea for assistance, unable to shake the unsettling feeling it leaves him with.

Steffy hated seeing Finn in so much pain and assured him that she never wanted any of this.

Finn couldn’t deny his complicated feelings, but he knew all this had to be taking a terrible toll on Steffy.

Steffy had her own demons to deal with since she told Sheila that she wanted her dead and thought about it a lot, but she never wanted to take a life.

Although Steffy worried about Finn running out again if she opened up, he assured her that he wouldn’t.

Steffy talked about feeling anguish when she stabbed Sheila and didn’t know if she’d ever get back to normal.

It also left Steffy wondering if Finn could ever look at her the same way after what she’d had to do.

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Finn wanted to support Steffy, but he was also wrestling with being back in that room.

It made Finn feel like he was going to have a panic attack and left him feeling like the house was haunted.

Finn loved the life that he’d built with Steffy and the kids there, so he hated feeling like he needed to leave because of what happened.

Steffy said she didn’t want Finn to go either since she needed her husband, so they both look pensive as they hugged.

At Forrester Creations, Hope Logan expressed concern for Steffy and Finn’s marriage, but Thomas Forrester was at least glad for the news that Sheila was gone for good.

As for Finn, Thomas didn’t have the same sympathy for him that Hope had.

From an agitated Thomas’ perspective, Finn needed to get over Sheila’s demise and just be there for Steffy!

Hope rubbed Thomas’ shoulders to calm him a bit and praised him for being a protective brother.

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That said, Hope knew Finn’s connection to Sheila was very real.


The circumstances left Hope worried that it would compromise Finn and Steffy’s ability to be there for each other.

By Hope’s prediction, that could put Steffy and Finn’s marriage in jeopardy.

In the design office, Carter Walton startled Zende Forrester Dominguez, who was looking over some info about their interns – including Luna Nozawa.

That led to Carter praising Luna’s talent, so Zende gushed about how smart and beautiful she was as well.

Carter guessed that Zende had been gotten pretty close to Luna and thought he’d be getting to know her even better since she had a bright future at Forrester.

Zende said he’d like that – and once he was alone later, he flashed back to having Luna in his bed that night.

At RJ Forrester’s beach house on Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Luna let him know how lucky she was to be with a guy like him.

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RJ felt that he was the lucky one since he was with such an honest, perfect woman.

Luna teared up a bit before heading out for a night swim with RJ.

Once they returned, Luna asked if RJ meant it when he said he’d always take care of her, so RJ reassured her with an “absolutely.”

RJ also asked Luna to stay over and said he’d never met anyone more honest or loyal than her.

Luna praised RJ for being warm and genuine before urging him to never doubt how much she loved him.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Luna’s guilt will continue to cause issues, so stick with us for updates on all the drama that’s brewing.

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