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Days of Our Lives Recap: Holly Collapses, Tate Hauled Off in Handcuffs and Ava Plays Nurse

The recap for “Days of Our Lives” on Tuesday, March 12, details how John Black and Steve Johnson continued their life-saving efforts with CPR at an old brewery. Resulting in Wendy Shin […]

The recap for “Days of Our Lives” on Tuesday, March 12, details how John Black and Steve Johnson continued their life-saving efforts with CPR at an old brewery.

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Resulting in Wendy Shin awakening and immediately seeking Tripp Johnson.

Steve was able to revive Tripp as well, much to the relief of Ava Vitali, Rafe Hernandez, and Harris Michaels.

Tripp, still groggy, murmured about his wife, which Steve interpreted as a longing for Wendy to fill that role in the future.

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At the hospital, Wendy earned praise for her adept use of American Sign Language, notably for signing “beer” in a pivotal video, and recounted the events to Rafe, Harris, and John.

When Ava and Steve visited Tripp, he was informed that Steve had saved his life, welcoming their company in his hospital space.

A moment alone between Tripp and Wendy followed, with Wendy endorsing Tripp’s proposal for a trip to Paris.

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Yet, she was content just being with him for the moment, leading to a shared kiss.

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Meanwhile, Brady Black stumbled upon Sarah Horton in the town square, delicately probing about the effects of comas on memory, indirectly referring to Holly Jonas.

In her bedroom, Holly gives EJ and imploring look as he holds a phone to his ear. An anxious Tate stands behind Holly.

Sarah, while not specializing in neurology, shared that comas can indeed influence memory in various ways.

Post-event, Sarah ensured Harris underwent a medical examination and prescribed antibiotics and pain relief for him.

As Xander Cook remained detained, Sarah inquired Harris about his recollections of the night he was attacked, which he claimed hadn’t returned.

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Despite wanting to return to work, Rafe insisted Harris rest.

Ava then approached Harris, offering him a place to recuperate and suggesting he stay with her for personalized care.

In a dramatic turn at the DiMera mansion, EJ DiMera caught Tate Black in Holly’s room, accusing him of illegal entry and threatening jail time.

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Nicole DiMera sided with EJ’s decision and informed Brady about Tate’s presence, prompting Brady to come over.

A tense scene unfolded in the living room, where EJ interpreted Holly’s pleas to Tate as evidence of Tate’s coercion.

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Despite Holly collapsing, the altercation intensified, resulting in Tate’s arrest upon Brady’s arrival.

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In Holly’s room, she reassured Nicole that contacting Sarah wasn’t necessary, casting doubt on the authenticity of her fainting and her readiness to divulge the truth.

Upcoming “Days of Our Lives” spoilers hint at Tate looking forward to positive legal developments, with more twists expected in this unfolding narrative.

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