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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lani’s False Alarm – Wendy’s Fuzzy Memory – Paulina & Abe’s Secret

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 13, detail that Steve Johnson was deep in thought over his involvement in Clyde Weston’s escape. However, he pretended to be merely concerned about […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 13, detail that Steve Johnson was deep in thought over his involvement in Clyde Weston’s escape.

However, he pretended to be merely concerned about the ongoing drama when questioned by Kayla Johnson.

Sitting at the foot of their bed, Kayla leans into Steve. His arm wraps around her.

Kayla highlighted the positive developments, noting Paulina Price’s miraculous recovery in the hospital, along with Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shin being safe, as reasons to be optimistic.

During the episode, Wendy reminisced about a symbolic wedding to Tripp while they were held captive, pondering deeply about it.

Kayla holds flowers in front of Wendy's hospital bed. A grinning Sarah and Tripp stand bedside.

Tripp, visiting Wendy, noticed the flowers Ava Vitali sent as an apology for the ordeal. Despite recognizing Ava’s lack of intent for harm.

Tripp expressed his fears of history repeating itself and the potential danger to Wendy.

Wendy assured Tripp of her ability to navigate chaos, determined not to let it affect their relationship.

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She questioned her memory of their critical moment before running out of air, prompting Tripp to encourage her to share her recollections.

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Attempts to discuss their impromptu wedding were consistently interrupted, leaving the topic unresolved.

In another scene, Lani Grant was alarmed not to find Paulina in her hospital room, but Eli Grant calmed her, suggesting no news from Abe Carver meant there was no cause for alarm.

Next to Paulina's empty, rumpled hospital bed, Eli reaches out to soothe a panicked Lani.

Paulina returned from testing, confirming her condition had improved significantly.

Sarah Horton reported to the group – including Paulina, Abe, Lani, Eli, Chanel DiMera, and Johnny DiMera – that Paulina’s recovery was miraculous.

Additionally, Abe’s regained memory was celebrated as another miracle.

Eli received a call about a job offer in Washington, D.C., offering more money and family time, which required moving.

Eli and Lani grin, standing arm in arm over Paulina in her hospital bed. Abe smiles nearby.

Lani and Eli discussed the opportunity with Paulina, who agreed to support their decision reluctantly.

Steve and Kayla, meeting Chanel and Johnny in the town square, exchanged updates about Tripp and Wendy’s hostage situation and Abe’s memory recovery, marveling at the series of miracles in Salem.

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Steve later apologized to Tripp at the hospital for an injury caused during CPR, forgiving him for keeping secrets about Ava’s actions.

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Despite Steve’s initial frustration, he acknowledged his anger was directed at Ava, not Tripp.

Johnny and Chanel’s visit to Wendy and Tripp brought congratulations on their marriage.

Wendy and Tripp, alone later, revisited their memories of the captivity, with Wendy inquiring about Tripp’s proposal.

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Chanel and Johnny, considering a honeymoon but wanting to stay close to home, accepted Sarah’s offer to use the Horton cabin.

Paulina and Abe, in private, chose to keep Lexie Carver’s healing role a secret, doubting others would believe it.

Steve and Kayla expressed joy over Paulina’s recovery and Abe’s memory return during their hospital visit, celebrating their decision to reunite.

Abe leans his elbow on Paulina's hospital bed. They lovingly smile as she caresses his face.

Steve remained focused on Clyde’s escape, warning Kayla of the consequences Clyde would face if found by him before the police.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate further turmoil with Clyde’s impending actions, urging viewers to follow Sadly for more updates and spoilers.

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