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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Johnny and Chanel Head to the Horton Cabin

Weekly spoilers for Days of our Lives reveal that Johnny DiMera and Chanel Dupree set off on their honeymoon adventure. In addition, Ava Vitali experiences feelings of betrayal by Stefan DiMera. Lastly, […]

Weekly spoilers for Days of our Lives reveal that Johnny DiMera and Chanel Dupree set off on their honeymoon adventure.

In addition, Ava Vitali experiences feelings of betrayal by Stefan DiMera.

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Lastly, John Black considers surrendering to the authorities during the week of March 18-22, 2024, on the NBC Peacock exclusive.

Johnny & Chanel Honeymoon at the Horton Cabin

DOOL weekly spoilers reveal that Johnny DiMera and his wife Chanel Dupree finally go on their honeymoon.

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They recently married at the hospital, so Paulina Price could attend the Valentine’s Day ceremony.

But Chanel was too worried about her mother’s well-being to be whisked away by Johnny for a honeymoon.

Of course, Johnny supported Chanel during Mama P’s health scare.

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However, miracles happen on Days of our Lives. Paulina made a miraculous recovery, as did her husband, Abe Carver.

Now that they are on the mend, Johnny DiMera and Chanel Dupree can take some time for themselves. Both Chanel and Johnny feel relieved for Paulina and Abe.

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Further, Dr. Sarah Horton offered the Horton cabin to Johnny and Chanel for their honeymoon.

DOOL weekly spoilers report that Chanel and Johnny celebrate their love and consummate their marriage.

Ava Vitali Finds out about Stefan DiMera

Days of our Lives weekly spoilers divulge that Ava Vitali learns about Stefan DiMera’s involvement with the recent shooting.

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As the mob princess watched Harris Michaels bleed out, her partner-in-crime set up Xander Cook to take the fall instead.

However, Stefan didn’t kill Harris at that time.

DOOL recaps show that he tried again with a toxin-filled syringe at the hospital. Yet, the detective overpowered him. Now, Stefan is in hiding.

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His sibling, EJ DiMera, agreed to help. But he may go against their plan.

Next week, Stefan shows up drunk and disorderly and surprises his brother, Chad DiMera.

Meanwhile, Ava Vitali learns that Stefan tried to kill her lover. She’s not going to take the news lightly.

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After all, she thought she and Stefan were on the same side to bring down Clyde Weston and get out from under his control.

John Black Turns Himself In?

DOOL weekly spoilers report that John Black feels bad about his past.

Many years ago, when he worked for Victor Kiriakis, John did many evil deeds as The Pawn.

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However, he was under mind control. Years later, his past has come back to haunt him in the form of Konstantin Meleounis.

The Greek believes John shot and killed his daughter. Plus, Steve Johnson knows what his buddy did since he was in charge of Victor’s Pawn.

Recent episodes of Days of our Lives show Patch talking to Marlena Evans about her husband’s past in Aria, Greece.

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Do they believe he’s a cold-blooded killer? Steve didn’t see the act but saw the aftermath with Katarina lying in a pool of blood with John nearby with a gun. Patch hurried up to bring his buddy to Salem.

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Watch for John Black’s struggle with his past deeds next week on Days of Our Lives.

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Does he go to the police station? Next, what will Ava Vitali do when she learns that Stefan DiMera tried to kill Harris Michaels for Clyde Weston?

Head back to Sadly for your daily Days of Our Lives spoilers and recap news.